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Why Many Entrepreneurs Struggle With ADHD… & How To Reverse It!

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Do you ever secretly question whether you have ADHD?

More entrepreneurs are struggling to get focused on their impact projects and engaged with their kids these days.

Way more than a few years ago…which is saying a lot!

In most cases they are either:

  1. Spread too thin and too pressed for time, anxious, or preoccupied  – to be present and engaged.
  2. So overworked and exhausted the brain stops functioning – and ideas just don’t flow.  
  3. Overwhelmed, and even though they have a lot of great ideas – they don’t know how to organize them in a cohesive way. 

And while many are feeling too depleted to stay engaged and focused…

Just as many are doing all the “right” things; Maintaining high performance success habits, keeping well groomed, showing up on time, organizing their day, exercising, eating well, and so on… 

Yet, both go through the week with a nagging sense of guilt of never being in the right place at the right time… feeling oddly disconnected from themselves, their projects, and the people around them.

Sound familiar?

Does to me!

I know exactly how frustrating things can get when you are giving your ALL to build a profitable business.

It can be confusing, all consuming, and very overwhelming!


Where Your Mind Goes, Your Energy Follows

From a young single mom starting my first career as a stockbroker in the early 80’s…

To guiding thousands of entrepreneurs and other influencers through my empowerment systems and programs over the past 20 years… 

It’s easy to become consumed, scattering your energy, and losing touch with yourself when you’re grappling with the demands of a growing business.

You can worry if you turn your gaze away – even for a bit, everything you have in motion will collapse around you.

And that’s the problem in a nutshell.

It’s when your mind is focused outward (too much – for too long):

  • Whether that’s because your stress response is on high alert in survival mode.
  • Whether you’re grappling with a gazillion demands on your time and energy in reaction mode.
  • Whether you have too many abstract thoughts occupying your mind that aren’t resulting in action…

Your energy gets scattered.

Strengthen Your Brain – Body Connection

You can overcome attention deficits by strengthening your brain-body connection.

Use a system (like my Qi-Energetics classes) to turn your mind inward and train your brain to restore clarity and focus.

Using these three steps:

STEP 1: Get control of your stress response and empower your core so you are clear, grounded, and energized through the day

STEP 2: Restore your strength and flexibility :

  • Physically, to open your body, eliminate muscle tension and joint pain.
  • Mentally, to raise or lower your brain waves at will, so you are calm, in control and engaged.

STEP 3: Cultivate your Qi-Energy to harness your mind so you are focused, present and on-point. 

So instead of struggling with ADHD or similar symptoms that come from being overworked, overwhelmed by the possibilities, or spread too thin… you can train your brain to produce a more engaged, thriving and balanced lifestyle.

If You Want Clarity & Focus… Start Here!

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Have any insights or challenges to share about getting focused, feeling present and engaged? Pop them into the comments section below…