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Developing Bold Boundaries To Build Your Dream Business

Are your boundaries bold enough to avoid burnout… and make your impact?

It seems today’s business owners have more opportunities and challenges than ever before.

On the one hand, we have ideal conditions  to design a fulfilling lifestyle and business, while on the other hand, 4 out of 5 businesses still fail in the first 5 years because the business owner has too many demands on their time.

Today I’ll share how to be adaptable, light on your feet and develop bold boundaries… to avoid burnout and create success in life and business.

I’ve always thought that entrepreneurs are a lot like pioneers. Entering unknown territory and exploring new frontiers, within ourselves, and the world around us. Creating value out of nothing with each stage of the journey.

There’s something unique in us that seeks that out. Embarking on expeditions to create value for others and conquer these new frontiers, with the raw belief we will overcome all the challenges that come with it and prevail.

This morning, it occurred to me that there are always boundaries to new frontiers. That it’s only common sense that when our frontiers change… our boundaries should too.

And while I say it’s common sense, I know first hand that this can be very confusing. It’s easy to to get lost in unfamiliar territory. We can scatter precious energy running in circles or slow our progress by being over-prepared. (cognitive dissonance).


3 Common Scenarios

So how do you maintain healthy boundaries when the frontier is changing as you grow?

I know for myself, even now, I’ll get an idea, run through the pros and cons, decide to make it happen, and underestimate what’s involved. Discovering that the little peak I saw from a distance becomes a mountain of sweat equity and hidden complexity, by the time I reach base camp. That what seems like a simple project is often far more involved than I expected.

And in those situations something has to give.  Which brings us to the challenge of maintaining healthy boundaries in an environment of constant change. And as we all know, growth of anything whether ourselves, or our business, is on the other side of change

In what’s now two decades of training influencers to become adept at managing their energy well., It’s been pretty obvious there are 3 main reasons they seek my services.

In all three scenarios they are caught in a kind of grey zone. Not fully engaged and going through their day with a nagging feeling of guilt they are in the wrong place all the time.

1st Scenario: Neglecting Health & Relationships For Business Growth

Many driven entrepreneurs sacrifice their health and relationships to achieve business success, pay the price physically and emotionally.

Over-time they box themselves in a corner as the business grows, by holding all the cards… So instead of simplifying their role, they are overextended, stressed out, (possibly self-medicating to relax) or possibly teetering on the edge of divorce.

If you’re on this track, your bold boundary is to create clean cuts between two zones:

  1. Your “Work Time Zone”, and
  2. Your “Free Time Zone”.

Then you want to separate each of those two zones into two bold sub-level boundaries, and stick to them without any overlap.

In your “Work Time Zone” between your:

  • highest value (impact) activities, and
  • low value activities (bookkeeping, admin, checking emails etc)..

… And in your “Free Time Zone” between:

  • Rest and relaxation, and
  • Rejuvenation activities (nutrition and exercise).

Family can be in both free time zones, but secure a little time for yourself as well…

The cleaner these cuts are, the more potent your impact will be in every aspect of your life and business. See: How To Cut Through Overwhelm To Be effective With Less Effort

2nd Scenario: Feeling Numb & Disconnected

The 2nd reason is feeling numb and disconnected, losing enthusiasm and unable to focus.

Many entrepreneurs are in a pattern of scattering their energy on small jobs, working with clients that aren’t committed enough to get the most of what they have to offer, or they are stuck working on projects that they don’t find interesting or rewarding.

They know they need to slow down, and position themselves better to; stand tall and build their center of influence, so they can charge what they are worth, attract their ideal clients and spearhead more interesting projects…

If you’re caught in this pattern, your bold boundary is to claim your square and harness your mind and energy.

You’ll want to start with a vision plan to get strategic about who you will work with, and what you will work on. Then, map out your transition strategy, and break it down to annual, quarterly, monthly & weekly goals. See: Portals To Clarity

This creates a channel to harness your mind and energy and be more selective as you evaluate opportunities that come along…

Build a system to draw the right clients to you, so you can stay centered and move with an economy of motion – so you aren’t scattering energy needlessly.

It’s a growing pain that you need to simplify your role as your business grows, and develop the ability to say “NO” more often to leverage your results.

Saying “No” creates space to fully engage with the “RIGHT” opportunities.

3rd Scenario: Wearing Too Many Hats

And the 3rd “gray zone” reason business owners rap on my door, is wearing too many hats and constantly being at the beck and call of others… having too many tasks and distractions to make an impact.

By the time they’ve dealt with the daily flurry of urgent (but largely unimportant) demands on their time, their will is gone and they don’t have enough energy for their impact projects or self care.

They miss their old hobbies and want to feel like themselves again!

If this describes your scenario… you have to hit the pause button, re-evaluate your priorities and build bold boundaries (including putting your health and self care first) to reclaim your time and energy, put yourself back in the driver’s seat and turn it around. See: How To Shift From Survive – To Thrive

When you do, you will be able to see the subconscious mental patterns, that are locking you in place more clearly, and start removing them one by one to master your destiny and reclaim your time and energy.

You’ll soon see this bold boundary will benefit everyone around you in the long run (though it can be a turbulent transition).

It also clears the way to taking the brave, decisive actions that will fuel further growth in life and business…

Ok, let’s recap:

If you want to cut through your gray zones, and be more engaged in life and business. The best use of your time is to hit pause just long enough to get strategic and develop bold boundaries.

Would you like me to guide you through the gray zone to get healthy, centered and productive?

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