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Do you want your audience to get the most value and inspiration they can out of your event, seminar or conference?

Do you want to motivate them to TAKE ACTION?

Would you like to bust through the lethargy and fatigue which sets in during extended sitting and mental processing?

An Audience Energizer with Master Trainer Arrow Gonsalves is the most effective way to quickly revitalize and harness the energy of weary audiences in the world today!

Explore how you can unleash the expertise of Master Trainer, Arrow Gonsalves to quickly release stress and harness the energy of your audience to a highly focused state of engagement.




Your customized Audience Energizer can vary from 4 – 30 minutes.  It will be expertly crafted to quickly refresh the energy of your audience through simple breathwork combined with integrated movement. Arrow’s revolutionary 5-step system facilitates win/win/win solutions for you, your audience and the world by:

  • Quickly rejuvenating your audience
  • Harnessing their focus for your next message
  • Providing a shared experience that bonds your audience

You work hard to deliver powerful content and/or attract great speakers and fill your venue with a large audience of hopeful individuals. 

So what happens when people sit all day with only coffee and donuts for relief?  No matter how great and life changing the material or engaging your roster of speakers, the group energy inevitably erodes, becoming lethargic.

At a certain point your once eager audience of hopefuls gradually starts to fidget and drift as their mind’s start taking little breaks – fading in and out of focus.

The dinosaur age of sitting all day while trying to stay alert & focused is over!  

Enlist Arrow to quickly rejuvenate your audience. 

Your audience will reciprocate by infusing an empowered positive charge into your event.


An integrative form of dynamic meditation consisting of FIVE STEPS that systematically restores balance in body, mind and spirit while clearing and re-calibrating the brain for optimal engagement.  It is delivered as a short interactive sequence that distracts, engages and energizes the audience.

  1. Stress Release
  2. Flexibility / Neuroplasticity
  3. Energy Circulation
  4. Versitilizing/ Integrating
  5. Harnessing / Centering / Empowering Focus

Your audience will find these sequences are simple, easy to follow and enjoyable as they naturally deepen their breath with specific body movements that become increasingly meditative and centering, brightening their minds while energizing their core.

Explore how Arrow can empower your Audience to get the most out of your conference!

A Master Trainer & Healer in The Tao Healing Arts, Arrow Gonsalves is the founder of Human Energetics, and the owner of Heart Drum Beat – Brain & Body Training Academy. As well as an Audience Energizer, she is a Public Speaker and Internationally Published Author.

She facilitates Do-In (a traditional fusion of Yoga, QiGong & Qi-Energy Meditation), self development workshops, adventure retreats, leadership training and traditional healer training.

Arrow, a revolutionary at heart, has been training and inspiring others to strengthen themselves and their communities since 2003.


“Arrow Gonsalves served TEDxStanleyPark by performing an “Energizer” – a short (5 minutes) inter-active performance that distracts, engages and energizes the audience.  Arrow worked enthusiastically, and with a wonderful in-service spirit to give our attendees a legendary experience. I am thrilled to report that Arrow’s performance was a big hit and revitalized over 2,000 weary attendees.”

Roger Killen

Producer, TEDx Stanley Park

“Arrow performed at our TEDx event held at the Bell Performing Arts Centre.  It was wonderful to have Arrow as part of our group.  She is a positive, knowledgeable and enthusiastic practitioner who was professional and helpful from the first time we spoke until we said goodbye after the event. Arrow revitalized and opened the minds of our audience which helped support the speakers that followed her.  I would be happy to work with Arrow in the future.”

Noel Bentley

Program Coordinator, TEDx Bear Creek Park