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How To Activate Your Energy System For High Performance

Did you know raising your performance is as natural to your physiology as learning to crawl, walk and run?

It doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, if you are finding it so – it’s a sure sign you need to unwind and get back to these basics.


Your energy body has 7 primary energy centers called Dahn-Jons where energy is accumulated and stored. This includes 3 “Internal Dahn-Jons” and 4 “External Dahn-Jons”. If you realign and activate these centers, balance in your body and brain will be restored through your Chakras, 5-Elements and Meridians.  In time, your spine and skeletal structure realign, and stagnant properties like toxins and even chronic pain gets released from deep within your tissues, joints, organs and bones.

Sounds great – right? In truth, that’s just the beginning… As physical stressors are released and dissolved, these power centers generate the fuel to build emotional intelligence and brighten your mind to peak creativity, agility and empowered focus.

This process of transformative change is known as Jung-Choong, Ki-Jang, Shin-Myung in ancient Korean seed language. It means as physical energy builds (jung choong), the heart opens and emotions purify (ki jang), and the mind becomes clear and bight (Shin myung).

I share more “how to” details about the relationship between your body, brain and energy system in other articles. For now, it is important to learn about your 7 Dahn-Jons.

7 Dahn-Jons

Three ‘Internal’ Dahn-jons govern the domains of body-mind-spirit. They are located along your spine:

  • Lower:  Physical (2nd chakra)
  • Middle: Emotional (4th chakra)
  • Upper: Spiritual (6th chakra)

You also have 4 ‘External’ Dahn-Jons:

  • 1 point located at the center of the palm on each hand.
  • 1 point located on the sole of each foot. 

The Lower Dahn-Jon (or Dan Tien)

We call just one; the lower, as our “Dahn Jon”.  In Chinese practices this is pronounced “Dan-Tien”.It is located in your lower abdomen (approximately 2″ below the navel and 2″ inward on the average frame).

Your lower Dahn Jon is considered primary for many reasons:

1. Your lower Dahn Jon is the center point of balance of your physical body. Using it as your main energy center will keep you healthy and centered; physically, emotionally, mentally.

2. Your physical body “tells” you about the condition of your “other” bodies (emotional body and spiritual body)

3. Located in your small intestine (and if you are female – your womb), course energies from the food you eat and water you drink are converted into blood and energy to build your body and fuel your vitality. For men and women fertility and virility is enhanced

4. Your lower Dahn-Jon is the main domain of your immune system. Healthy food and intestine function (peristalsis) combine to keep your blood clean, release toxins and absorb nutrients.

5. It is the seat of creation. Before birth, you were created in the lower Dahn-Jon. After birth your physical body grows and continues to regenerate through the food you eat and water you drink.

Activating Your Internal Dahn-Jons

The magic starts here!  By connecting your Three internal Dahn-Jons your immune system immediately starts firing to restore balance and release stress, toxins and stagnant energies that have been settling in while your mind has been otherwise occupied.

Activation takes place through alignment, simultaneously awakening the energies in your spine and the main channel (In-Maek Channel) that runs down through the front of your chest.

Give it a try by following these steps:

  • Sit, stand or lie comfortably on the ground with your ankles shoulder width apart
  • Start by aligning your face with your spine
  • tuck your chin in toward your chest (gently and slightly without tilting your head) until you feel the crown of your head “pulling up your spine”
  • Drop your gaze 45 degrees
  • Notice the energy opening through the back of your neck
  • Exhale through your mouth – comfortably releasing stress
  • Relax your shoulders
  • Observe the energy opening through your chest
  • Follow your breath as it deepens into your lower Dahn-Jon

Activation occurs through mindfulness, positioning and sometimes; external stimulation.

External Dahn-Jons

After connecting the 3 internal Dahn-Jons it’s important to restore circulation through the rest of your body. Activation of your 4 External Dahn-Jons begins the process of awakening and circulating energy through the Meridians and harmonizing the 5 Elemental energies, which promotes organ health and a harmonious psychological state.

After connecting the 3 internal Dahn-Jons it’s important to restore circulation through the rest of your body. Activation of your 4 External Dahn-Jons begins the process of awakening and circulating energy through the Meridians and harmonizing the 5 Elemental energies, which promotes organ health and a harmonious psychological state.


Your Jang-Shim points are located in the palms of your hands. If you close your fingers into a fist (position your thumb outside) your middle finger tip will be connected to the Jang-Shim.

Jang roughly translates as “Opens”. Shim roughly translates as “True Self”.  When your Jang-Shim energy points open, it opens the energy of your chest and heart. When one’s Jang-Shim points are cultivated to maturity, one uses their hands to achieve goals and create meaningful purpose. They are less easily sidetracked or sabotaged.

Some strive to become even more mindful; cultivating their character to benefit others with a pure heart and in the process grow their soul. As we realize how our minds and hands are connected we can understand the correlation and be drawn to mature; physically, mentally and spiritually into a highly integrated state of awareness, self expression and action.


Your Yong-Chun points are located in the soles of your feet. If you gently squeeze the sides of your foot, it is located in the inverted “V” located mid-line just under the ball of your foot. It is the beginning of the Kidney Meridian.

Yong-Chun roughly translates into longevity (Eternal Heaven).  When your Yong-Chun energy points are open, it means your legs are strong with the meridians flowing, which represents a strong and healthy physical condition and healthy digestive organs.

This translates into the ability to stand tall – on your own two feet.

When your Yong-Chun points are cultivated to maturity, you are advanced in practice and can even “hear the voice” of Mother Earth.

Activation takes place through stimulation such as massage, tapping, stretching, squats, running, bouncing or dancing and mindful positioning to otherwise open these energy points. See: “Energy Walking”.

Maturity comes with mindfulness practices and learning from our experiences in life.

I hope you find this introduction to your 7 Dahn-Jons enlightening. It doesn’t take long to become toned and agile, empowered and highly capable.

Positioning you to stand tall and build a business you are proud of!

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