Video Training: How To Get Centered & Grounded Fast With Belly Drumming - Heart Drum Beat

Want to know the best way to cut through overwhelm and emotional upsets? 

Try Belly Drumming! It opens your chest, draws your breath down into deep abdominal breathing and lowers your brain waves into a  harmonious and creative state.

An added benefit, belly drumming will also relax and warm your intestines, energizing your lower dahn-jon (2nd chakra/or core), located in your lower abdomen.  As you accumulate energy in your abdomen you will experience an enhanced sense of empowerment, peacefulness and well-being.

Use this technique to get centered before a presentation, entering negotiations or even walking away to re-calibrate and find a win/ win solution in the heat of an argument. If you settle into your breath and rhythm IT WILL transform what could potentially be a disastrous outcome into a positive result. I often set an intention (request higher guidance) and use it to open my creativity during course design and to clear writers block.

Additionally, If you have too much stress, eat too much meat or have poor eating habits, the food does not digest well, and stagnates in the intestines.  This results in constipation and other gastrointestinal problems.  Toxins form, which are often responsible for lethargy, headaches and skin problems.  Peristalsis becomes compromised and causes age acceleration.  Belly drumming helps to relieve this condition and followed up by “Intestine Exercise” restores normal peristaltic movement.  


How To Do Belly Drumming

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and your knees slightly bent. 
  2. Lengthen and relax your spine.
  3. Relax your shoulders, neck and arms.
  4. Place your open hands or your fists on your lower abdomen and begin patting in a rhythmic motion.  Increase the pressure of patting until it becomes a (reasonable) striking motion and repeat.  As your abdomen becomes stronger, gradually increase the repetitions to 8 – 10 minutes.  Practice daily or whenever your energy rises through the day..


Traditional Indigenous Wisdom

First Nations wisdom as with many other Indigenous cultures honor and use the drum as an instrument to connect with “Mother Earth”. The wisdom of this practice is multi-dimensional and gradually finding its place in modern neural-science.

Traditional practices correlate the Drum with Earth as well as the lower abdomen as the domain of where the course energy of the earth is converted into ki-energy or life force. By beating on the drum, one’s heart opens and the mind becomes clear and bright to receive the messages of the cosmos. This is why with ecstatic trance we start with low driving beats or horns, gradually layering in warmer tones such as flutes, symbols bells and whistles, which open the heart and brighten the brain by sequentially activating the limbic and cerebral domains of the brain.

This process explains the 3 principles of energy, chakra development as well as neural science of how low-toned primitive driving beats resonate with the brain stem (unconscious domain of the brain), lower the brain waves, fortify the immune system and awaken the innate knowing that resides within.  WOW RIGHT? Volumes can be written on this topic, and though I will share more later, it’s better to simply try it yourself and see how you feel.

My Father was the worlds top Neural Scientist in his day. My Maternal Grandfather was a pharmacist in London back in the days of traditional compounding. My Mother was a social worker and avid horticulturist. Me? I’ve always been fascinated by the way of the universe and of human nature , which I suppose explains why these interests and practices are so deeply embedded.

Start by using Belly Drumming to release the effects of excessive thinking and restores the autonomic nervous system, creating water up, fire down energy condition. Next, see >> 1st Principle of Energy: Water Up/Fire Down

Love Your Belly – Love Your Brain, Arrow  



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