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How to Process & Transform Negative Thoughts

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Today, I’m sharing a powerful and very practical reframe with you…

One that goes beyond just letting go of negativity; it’s about transforming it.

And I don’t throw the word ‘transformation’ around lightly.

Transforming negativity is a matter of energy management, something super important for us entrepreneurs, especially if we’re spread too thin through the day.

The good news is, it’s easy to unlock yourself using a  simple meditation method.

Life regularly sends situations our way that can trigger negativity, whether we become frustrated with projects, get offended by others or when it surfaces from within… such as confronting confidence hurdles to build new habits and skills.

The Dilemma

Like any type of stress or internal conflict, negative thoughts lock us in survival mode.

They can:

  • Freeze the mind into irrational story loops, 
  • Lock ourselves and others into judgemental polarities of good vs bad, right vs wrong
  • Unnecessarily fracture important relationships 
  • Consume our mind and energy, robbing productivity.

That’s because when we trigger survival mode, our chest constricts, shooting ‘fire energy’ from our heart into our brain.

Energy that should be nourishing our organ function, digestion and other vital functions – gets deployed outward to our muscles. Tightening them for fight or flight.

Our brain muscles also tighten which further limits our mental range of motion and options.

Unless consciously released, this repeating scenario tends to harden into fear based control issues, and strengthening polarities that deepen into chasms that become more and more difficult to resolve over time.  

Eventually resulting in fractured relationships, chronic muscle or joint pain, and arthritis, also known in holistic health circles as “the anger disease”.

We can get tangled in preconceived notions of who’s right and wrong, what’s good and bad, self esteem and false pride, and winning vs. losing, stubbornly misdirecting our mind and energy to battle external challenges, and control the external environment.

When all we need to do is get centered and rise above the conflict for a meta view, to objectively observe the terrain of the battlefield.

Get Centered & Meditate

When you feel agitated, get centered and turn your mind inward.

Meditation connects us to our core, easing our body and calming our primitive brain, through our breath. Lowering our brain waves, it shifts us from reacting in survival mode bringing us back to a centered space, where communication opens between the three layers of our brain and growth becomes natural.

Connecting to our core activates our immune system which repels negativity, transforming us from our ‘small self’ to our ‘big self’, by shifting our perspective to provide a meta view that’s objective, peaceful, and wide ranging.

I include meditation in my daily personal practice and with my students in every Qi-Energetics session I guide… and have for over 20 years.

I’ve never seen it fail!

Transforming negativity in all its forms into peaceful, creative win/ win / win situations is a hallmark state of being for myself and my students. We view it as an opportunity for business and personal growth that is deeply satisfying.


Shift your focus from the external environment to internal solutions…

Whether you are late for a meeting and stuck in line waiting for a chatty or slow moving cashier, or struggling with negative self talk and self-limiting beliefs…

We can claim the power to choose how we direct our mind and energy. 

Centering ourselves, connecting to our breath, and embracing a proactive mindset transforms negativity loops into win-win solutions that are always easily achievable.

If you want to be guided through this meditation method, I did a deep dive in The Visionaries Hub last Wednesday after my Qi-Energetic class. It’s titled “Letting Go of Negativity”

Either navigate to the Visionaries Hub to watch the (20 minute) recording, or click the image in the sidebar to join the group.

Stay well, stay centered, and have a wonderful day on purpose.



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