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Expertly delivered through an engaging combination of lessons, exercises and experiments, Arrow’s presentations will engage, awaken and inspire your audience.

All her topics and group training sessions will skillfully guide your audience step by step on a journey within of grounded self-connection and perceptual transformation that will make a lasting impression.

Using an artful combination of traditional practices and modern neuroscience, Arrow focuses on meeting your audience where they are and guiding them to restore balance in body, mind and spirit while eliciting deep internal AHA moments about the importance of integrating the entire being in raising their performance.

“My mission is to systematically sensitize, bond and engage your audience in a phenomenal experience. Awakening something forgotten, yet familiar from deep within. I combine modern neuroscience and lessons from the ancients with fun experiences that will expand your audiences consciousness and leave a lasting impression.”

Arrow Gonsalves

Speaker Bio

Arrow Gonsalves, Creator of Human Energetics

Arrow specializes in training high performers to release stress and cut through overwhelm to stay mindful, healthy and centered – nourishing their core to function at peak performance with a relaxed concentration.

Instructing the Tao Healing Arts since 2003; Arrow provides Shin-sun-do (a 9700 year old internal cultivation practice of yoga – qigong – meditation), her Signature Program ‘Human Energetics’, Retreats, Workshop Facilitation, Leadership Training and Traditional Healer Training. .

Arrow’s talks & workshops encourage personal empowerment and mindful living. She is an expert on harmonizing and integrating one’s brain and body by systematically cultivating the internal (qi/chi) ki-energy system.

Arrow frequently travels for speaking engagements, conferences, and events. She holds regularly scheduled local classes and live streams/ records her training systems out of her Wellness Center – The House of Now, in Courtenay, Vancouver Island, Canada.


  • The Principles of Brain Management
  • 3 Principles of Energy That Make You Healthy, Happy & Wise
  • 5 Steps to Release Stress & Balance Your Brain, Your Body & Your Life
  • Aligning With The Tao – Activating the Energy Body of An Adept
  • The Spirit of Tao – Harnessing The Cosmos With Your Mind
  • How To Balance The Five Elements – Using Qigong To Heal And Harmonize Your Life
  • 3 Gentle Ways To Release Chronic Pain
  • Healing Hands – Transcending Space & Time
  • Your Custom Topic….


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