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…Since 2003

Four out of 5 Businesses fail in the first five years because the business owner has too many demands on their time to be effective …

Our Story

What they don’t realize, is that they are trying to build their business with an employee or task mindset. Over time their productivity suffers, their relationships suffer and then their health suffers. Instead of getting the freedom they started their business for they become enslaved by it. This is an exhausting, lonely and disheartening experience.

Instead of denying themselves, what entrepreneurs really need is a reliable method to achieve clarity and focus, to wake up empowered and double their impact with less effort. The solution is counterintuitive. Through my SMART Entrepreneur Empowerment Systems, I guide business owners to change their approach including their habits and limiting beliefs using these 3 steps:

  1. Putting their health first
  2. Getting clear and focused on their purpose
  3. Harnessing their time and energy to maximize their results

Whether they know it or not, entrepreneurs are on a path of Self Mastery. Heart Drum Beat programs guide them step by step to achieve it.

Align yourself with the time, money and impact you dream of having… TODAY

Providing the ultimate form of holistic conditioning available today, starting with the core

Self Mastery Creates Success In Life and Business…


At Heart Drum Beat – Brain & Body Training Academy, we know 4 out of 5 business fail in the first 5 years, mainly because the business owners have too many demands on their time to be effective.

Using our SMART Entrepreneur Empowerment Systems, we are training 100,000 entrepreneurs to achieve clarity and focus, to wake up empowered and double their impact with less effort. Equipping today’s entrepreneur to stand tall and build businesses they are proud of.


We are building a community of empowered entrepreneurs and thought leaders who have the physical vitality, confidence and agile awareness it takes to dream big and improve their environment from the inside out.

Visionaries who are generating win/win situations and healing societies. First within our lives, then rippling outward through our homes, workplace, community and the world.

Conscious creators who are building their circle of influence through daily life.  They strategize with intelligence and insight and are confidently creating the abundance in heart and mind that both naturally and strategically, overflows outward to benefit others.


We Honor The Hero In Every Entrepreneur…

Heart Drum Beat-Brain & Body Training Academy exists to make your transformation into excellent entrepreneurship one of simplicity, gratification and flow.

In every interaction we recognize:

  • A hero in every entrepreneur
  • Every entrepreneur is on a unique journey
  • We are all tender inside, and genuinely want the best outcomes
  • Aspects of this path are tough. We are reliable, respectful & considerate
  • Our support of you will ripple out to benefit many


“Arrow, I’ve really loved how all the information has come together. Understanding all the steps has made so much sense and is so confirming for all the changes I’ve felt this past year.

This practice and your great workshops and facility have helped to truly transform my life. My blessings to you… and thank you for being a great role model.”

Sheila Watt – Freelance Marketer

“I am so grateful for this practice. I feel strength growing in my core. I feel stronger and more centered. I am so grateful for having an actual PHYSICAL connection to the spiritual concepts I have studied.  This practice has given me practical tools I have been searching for to connect my body and mind on all levels – emotionally, spiritually etc..

For once I can actually FEEL my chakras and some of the connections to my various energy bodies (ie: emotional body) that I had previous to this only read and studied about.

Thank you Arrow. I look forward with excitement (in the present of course, so enjoying this) to shedding more layers as I come ever closer to living as my authentic self. Howa’a Migwitch, I am so grateful. Thank you.”

Christa Barette – Yoga Instructor

“Working with Arrow opened up places I was finally ready to look at, and the experience that unfolded was one of the most challenging, rewarding, and powerful transformations I have gone through as a person.

Her workshops are accelerated versions of the in class work. The home practice is where it really opened up for me and lent itself to my creative work as a weaver. By no means have I completed the process.

For anyone willing to do the deep, hard work of the inner world, this practice is a grounded and profound tool and guide. I feel blessed to have encountered it and for what it offers. Thank you Arrow!”

Meaghann O’Brien – Artist | Professional Snow-Boarder

“This practice is truly a well spring of gifts that I keep discovering. I’ve been training with Arrow for nearly a decade and continue to learn foundational things about myself. I attribute my increasing satisfaction and achievements in my life to this practice.

A genuinely integrated and multi-dimensional mind-body-spirit trailmap into self-care, the practice is designed to declutter distractions and cut to the root of one’s barriers… and potential. There is nothing more exciting, and empowering, than knowing who you really are! Stress and time management, vision and priority setting, listening to my body, relaxing yet strengthening, activating my power, are all tangible outcomes I’m grateful for, guided through this practice.

A suitable companion to those who want to go far, this practice is generous in amplifying what you put into it. Arrow, I am grateful eternally for the practice… thank you for an opportunity to share that in words ;)”

Nancy Gothard – Policy Planner | Community Weaver

“I’ve been training with Arrow for 5 years now.  The benefits I have received through this practice are extensive beyond all words.

As an extremely athletic individual, I have gained levels of understanding and expressing my human potential I never thought possible.

Delivering a well rounded balance between mind, body and spirit, Human Energetics is the most exceptional system I have experienced so far.”

Daniel Boucher – Contractor

“Thank you Arrow – If it wasn’t for your guidance, that put me on the path within and helped me develop my daily practice – I would never have reached the truth inside.

I wish you well on your new journey, and trust I will see you again when the time is right. Thank you for being an amazing teacher.”

Lee Brain – Mayor | City of Prince Rupert

Arrow frequently travels for speaking engagements, conferences and private leadership retreats. She holds regularly scheduled local classes and  streams/ records her training systems out of her Wellness Center – The House of Now, in Courtenay, Vancouver Island, Canada.


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