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Wearing Too Many Hats Will Boil Your Brain…

Dealing with too many tasks to make your impact?

If so, here’s what you need to do to get clear and focused on harnessing your time and energy today.

The reason multitasking doesn’t work is because it makes your brain burn more calories than the survival domains will tolerate. As mental energies gather, they heat up. This is why your brain slows down and gets sluggish. It entrenches in a form of protection mode to cool. See: water up-fire down energy condition

It’s a tricky thicket, which is why I call it “Mad Hatter” syndrome. There’s a number of ways we can get ensnared by this trickster. The good news is there are also simple actions you can take to untangle yourself and your business to be magnificently productive. If you make these actions routine, you will outwit this trickster every time.

Developing these simple habits will make the difference between building a business that fuels your creativity (providing the free and independent lifestyle you crave), or getting caught in a web of tasks that constricts your range of motion, and exhausts your drive.

I’ve been self employed since my teens. I love to reach for the stars and set high goals for myself that require transformation. In time I learned my creative impulse needed to be harnessed with processes. I call them my “patterns of success”. They provide the clarity and focus to keep my productivity directed, simple… and impact measurable.

Since 2002, I’ve devoted myself to mastering my energy to creating the most meaningful life I can. It’s a lifelong practice, using techniques that bring instant results. Using my methods will empower your core and build “Qi” (energy) which is harnessed to cultivate your mind.  They work miracles for me, my students – and will for you too.

So let’s explore a few root causes. If you identify yours, you can spot the thickets in advance and nimbly dodge the rabbit holes. Then, I’ll share the best corrective actions – so you can get clear and focused on your freedom and impact today.

Problem #1: Running Your Business with a Job Mindset

All entrepreneurs embark on a “hero’s journey”. Unfortunately, while we all want the freedom of a self-managing business and great lifestyle, MOST entrepreneurs approach their business like a job, with a task-oriented mindset. This is usually because their brain is hard-wired to work harder instead of smarter.

Completing a series of tasks is alluring because it creates the ILLUSION OF PRODUCTIVITY by giving you a sense of control. Just know, it’s because of this task-oriented mindset, most businesses fail. The business owner never quite manages to harness the time and energy to care for their health, focus on their priorities and build the relationships that will rocket fuel growth.

At first, launching a business usually means earning less (and working longer hours) than you ever did working for a wage. Even so, you can’t afford years to pass, without transforming your job mindset. If this describes you – you probably feel like just bought yourself an expensive job. This is the opposite of freedom. Applying a job mindset to your business will erode your confidence and wear you down, destroying your relationships, hopes and dreams…

It’s critical to develop systems instead of tasks – through each stage of business growth. Systems are your path to freedom. You need to get clear and focused, keep things simple, and harness your time and energy to use them well. Puttering with endless little tasks will devastate your business.

Problem #2: Fear and Procrastination

Doubt, fear and procrastination are natural stages of growth. They can strengthen your resolve and fuel your creativity and momentum. Getting stuck is a slippery slope though that will decimate your productivity by setting up subconscious patterns such as finding distractions, projecting frustrations at staff and contractors and buying props and programs you don’t need… all to avoid the discomfort of looking within.

Unfortunately there’s a lot of shame about procrastination which everyone experiences, but most of us feel too embarrassed to discuss it. That’s why the practice of accepting your vulnerability as the foundation of courage is so potent. It’s the combination of confusion and fear of looking silly that will lock you in place… and open the Mad Hatter’s portal.

When it’s time to act on something new, your brain has to create new pathways into unfamiliar territory. It feels confusing, disorienting and chaotic (cognitive dissonance). The solution is to stop; turn your mind inward THROUGH the confusion to get clear and focused on planning your next steps.

At first, it can be challenging to look within, because suppressed anxiety surfaces, making you feel ill-equipped and out of control. If you sit with it for a few breaths it dissipates and releases. Sit with it a few moments longer and your brain will generate the insights you need to make to make clear and logical decisions about your next steps.

Consider any journey you’ve taken to grow… You had to muster the courage to take action and were afraid of looking silly. While you know growth has risks and can being awkward – it is the path to confidence and capability. With practice it becomes easier, because your brain verifies the solutions that lie within as you gradually gain traction and start seeing results.

As you learn to trust your intuition, faith develops – along with wisdom. Over time, navigating growth through change will become more comfortable than routine.

So take time today, to stop and look within. Consider self mastery your gateway to freedom! Walk through the fear and doubt to prioritize and take action. If not, you will lower your market value, gut your confidence and foster regret.

Solution #1: Get Physical

Building your physical energy:

  • Clears your mind by cooling your brain so you can focus
  • Harnesses your energy in your core to fuel your day
  • Builds power, which gives you more confidence

Although any physical exercise is helpful – there are a few elite integrated systems such as my “Qi-Energetics”, which include dynamic meditations that take mere physical exercise to a much higher level. They open transformative gateways to higher purpose, freedom and fulfilment!

Done right, they systematically unlock the power of your body, mind and spirit to self mastery. This is why today’s most inspiring entrepreneurs start their day with a “personal practice”. For step by step guidance register for my free upcoming masterclass:  3 Gates To Self Mastery

Solution #2: Get Strategic

Are you ready to LIBERATE YOURSELF from the tangle of tasks and uncompleted projects that are preventing you from making your impact? Download my free worksheet: 7 Freedoms – Map Your Pattern of Success. In minutes you will find yourself on a path of clarity and focus to harness your energy, and outwit the Mad Hatter


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