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Wearing Too Many Hats Will Boil Your Brain…

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Dealing with too many tasks to make your impact?

If so, here’s what you need to do to get clear and focused on organizing your time and energy today.

The reason multitasking doesn’t work is because it makes your brain burn more calories than the survival domains will tolerate. As mental energies gather, they heat up. This is why your brain slows down and gets sluggish. It entrenches in a form of protection mode to cool. See: water up-fire down energy condition

It’s a tricky thicket, which is why I call it “Mad Hatter” syndrome. There’s a number of ways we can get ensnared by this trickster. The good news is there are also simple frameworks you can use to untangle yourself and your business to be magnificently productive. Using them, you will have the upper hand to outwit this trickster every time.

Developing frameworks will make the difference between building a business that fuels your creativity (providing the free and independent lifestyle you’re in business for), or getting caught in a web of tasks that constricts your range of motion, and exhausts your drive.

I’ve been self employed since my teens. Since finding ancient eastern personal performance practices in 2002, I’ve devoted myself to to creating the most meaningful, impactful life I can.

I love to reach for the stars and set high goals for myself that require transformation. I used to delight in flinging myself head-on into challenges with reckless abandon. Doing everything my way.

In time I learned my creative impulse needed to be harnessed with processes. That I needed to move with more economy of motion. It’s a lifelong practice, of dreaming big and building capacity.

It’s only possible with a clear direction and defined boundaries. I call them my “patterns of success”. They provide the clarity and focus to keep my students productivity directed, simple… and impact measurable. Opening space for the truly important aspects of life and business.

So let’s take a look at the problem. If you identify yours, you can spot the thickets in advance and nimbly dodge the rabbit holes. Then, I’ll share the solution – so you can get clear and focused on your freedom and impact today.

The Problem: Running Your Business with a Job Mindset

All entrepreneurs embark on a “hero’s journey”. Unfortunately, while we all want the freedom of a self-managing business and great lifestyle, MOST entrepreneurs approach their business like a job, with a task-oriented mindset. This is usually because their brain is hard-wired to work harder instead of smarter.

Completing a series of tasks is alluring because it creates the ILLUSION OF PRODUCTIVITY by giving you a sense of control. Just know, it’s because of this task-oriented mindset, most businesses fail. The business owner never quite manages to harness the time and energy to care for their health, focus on their priorities and build the relationships that will rocket fuel growth.

At first, launching a business usually means earning less (and working longer hours) than you ever did working for a wage. Even so, you can’t afford years to pass, without transforming your job mindset. If this describes you – you probably feel like just bought yourself an expensive job. This is the opposite of freedom. Applying a job mindset to your business will gradually erode your confidence and wear you down, along with your health, relationships, hopes and dreams…

It’s critical to develop systems instead of tasks – through each stage of business growth. Systems are your path to freedom. You need to get clear and focused, keep things simple, and harness your time and energy to use them well. Puttering with endless little tasks will devastate your business and quality of life.

Your Solution: Get Strategic

Turn your mind within to get centered and self-connected through meditation. If you find static, seated meditation frustrating, no worries. You can start with guided visualizations or dynamic energy meditations. Get clear about what you want in life and from your business. See: Finding Freedom Through The Clarity You Seek

Then, when you have a clear destination (I call your Ultimate Scenario) it’s time to get strategic. Develop your timelines and markers and reverse engineer them into achievable steps and stages of growth and capacity building.

Third, you want a streamlined productivity planning system. Something proven to simplify your role as you grow… like my program; “The Ultimate Vision Plan” which I’ll be telling you more about over the next few days.

Ready to liberate yourself from the endless tangle of tasks and uncompleted projects that are preventing you from making your impact? 

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Are you wearing too many hats to make your impact?

Drop a comment below… tell me what simplifying your day would do for you, in life and business.