How To Stay Calm When You Get Triggered - Heart Drum Beat
Tao of the river

How To Stay Calm When You Get Triggered

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Want a quick way to stay calm in stressful situations?

Since it seems like so many people these days are either overly sensitive, less patient or quicker to anger these days… I’ve put together a simple exercise sequence to ground yourself and think clearly when people test your patience. 

It’s also the best thing you can do during your busy workday to release stress, clear your mind and harness your energy in 5 – 10 minutes.

It’s one of my most popular midday resets. It’s a must have in any driven entrepreneur’s self-care toolkit… and I think you’ll love it too.

My students use it to cut through overwhelm, to be less reactive in challenging relationships, and even to stand strong and hold their own during important negotiations.

And, even though it’s a starter exercise, after 20 years of sharing it with students, I still use it too.

I do a lot of writing and find it’s great for clearing writer’s block.

I ALWAYS do it before I go on stage… like the first time I went on the TEDx stage in front of a live audience of over 5 thousand people.

That’s because I knew it was a reliable method to get focused on harnessing MY energy so I could carry the energy of such a massive group. And it did. They were so engaged in experiencing their own ki-energy for the first time, by then end, you could have heard a pin drop.

Tao of the river

The 1st Principle Of Energy

In Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Tao Healing Arts:

 There’s a principle Adepts and Healers call; water up, fire down energy condition.

It involves  bringing the fire energy that wanders up from your heart to your head, when you’re thinking too much, making you hotheaded or sluggish,  down to your lower abdomen, your core… to ignite your physical energy. See: Release Stress With Water Up – Fire Down Energy Condition

And, just like a Tao Adept every time you use it, you’ll find you’re becoming less affected or controlled by the daily situations that come up in running your business and managing your life.

Stress relief

As the fire energy gathers in your core, it warms your kidneys which sends water energy up your back channel. Restoring your stress response

This “Water Energy” then flows up behind your neck and cools your brain. Providing you with a crystal-clear state of awareness and focus.

The “Fire Energy” in your belly, gets you centered and grounded while harnessing your physical energy for stability, power and impact

I’ve put together a video tutorial to guide you through it.

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