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Balancing Power & Flow To Build A Better Business

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Every entrepreneur wants more power and flow to build a profitable business…

Only a few know the secrets to maintain it.

And for overworked entrepreneurs maintaining momentum from a relaxed state of being can seem  more like a mirage on the horizon. Continually slipping out of reach.

So what exactly is flow, and what does it have to do with power?

By its very nature, “flow” is dynamic. Characterized by energy flowing freely through a channel.

It’s like water gathering from brooks and streams into a river – building momentum and carving pathways of least resistance as it flows to the sea…



Generating BIG energy to attract and deliver value to clients is essential to business success.

As energy circulates back in through revenue, referrals and repeat business, it informs our health, happiness, and peace.

Providing a sense of meaningful purpose, belonging, and fulfilment.

The caveat is that we need to have enough energy to share. And the ability to remain clear and focused on our priorities.

If your physical energy is weak, or your mind is too scattered to direct it efficiently, your primitive brain will recognize it as a vulnerability and lock you into survival mode (or protection mode).

In survival mode, your brain protects you by preventing you from sharing your energy until you have enough to share. See: Is Your Brain Your Biggest Obstacle?

It’s all a simple matter of energy management. Taking control of your brain, your body, and your business.

I say it’s simple, because energy management is as natural to our being as the blood that flows through our veins.

It’s just conscious behavior that is naturally produced when your system is integrated

Instead of unconsciously pushing yourself harder than your system can sustain (which is fear-based behavior and ultimately counter-productive).

The best way to activate your conscious mind and build this higher form of integrity is taking a holistic approach to empower your inner game.

Using proven methods that re-align you with the principles that govern all nature.

This is how to empower and direct your energy so you are healthy, focused and on point… as is your business.


Channel Energy Efficiently

Energy generates power. Power builds when it’s harnessed to flow through channels.

For us, energy gets cultivated initially from the food we eat.

It’s built up through physical activity, and gets directed by the brain, through brain waves, which send and receive messages via meridian channels that run throughout the body.  How To Activate Your Energy For High Performance

Energy either gains or loses velocity and momentum, depending on the volume running freely and unobstructed through these channels, as well as the size of the channel.

Velocity is important because it determines the amount of power produced.

That’s why there’s more energy (power) where a wide river narrows through a narrow gorge… and why people who are physically fit have more energy than those who are weak or sedentary.

It’s also why a running stream is clearer than a pond, which gets thicker and heavier as it sits…. And why people who are physically fit are mentally sharper and process information better than those who aren’t.

Your primitive brain and immune system govern your cellular intelligence. You can’t trick your immune system, no matter how many affirmations, NLP brain hacks or energy bars you use to get through the day. 

Nothing against them, they have their place. The point I’m making is this…


Strengthen Your “Inner Game”

At your core, you are either strong, with abundant energy to share…

or depleted and weak – withdrawing inward, in need of protection from the environment.

That’s why when your physical body is strong you feel safer, more courageous, and willing to take the decisive actions required to succeed in business and to enjoy your life.

As I mentioned earlier, there’s another aspect of cellular intelligence informing whether you are in survival mode, straining for enough energy to get by… or in thrive mode, overflowing with abundant energy to share.

And that’s how efficiently you harness and direct your energy. Making sure it gets channeled to build velocity and maximize your results.

If you scatter your energy on everything and everyone who comes along just to stay on top of all the trivial demands on your time, it doesn’t matter how much energy you bring in. It will soon be depleted.

You will be consumed by trivial tasks and other people’s agendas. Too depleted for your own.

Continually struggling for traction because you lack the energy, clarity and focus to make your impact and enjoy the entrepreneurial freedoms and quality of life you are in business for.

It’s like getting caught on a hamster wheel, peddling hard, exerting a lot of energy… but going nowhere.

Get Started Today

Here’s something important you likely didn’t know… .

For thousands of years the science of cultivating Qi-Energy has been used by the worlds top performers.

For example, Tony Robbins – Qi-Energy is actually his secret weapon informing all the funny jumping, chair wiggling and heart opening exercises he gets everyone doing in his group sessions.

Now, Tony has big energy, right? And he’s super motivating.

What he doesn’t tell you is that the transformation is Qi-energy based, and something you can learn to do for yourself.

Nor will he show you how it’s done.

Now you can learn these secrets and harness its energy, power, and flow too.

I put together an Introduction to Qi-Energetics Masterclass so you too can experience the magic of generating more power and flow in your business.

It includes three sessions. I take you step by step to experience the process. I’ll also show you the secrets behind why it works, and how you can use it to.

It’s complimentary. I’m inviting you as my guest.

Now, let me ask you another question …

Do you want “BIG ENERGY” to build a better business?

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If you have any questions or insights about strengthening “your inner game” to build a better business – comment below. I read them all.