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If You Want Energy & Momentum… Try This!

Is Your Business Model Draining Your Energy Instead Of Building Momentum?

If so, this composite scenario will likely sound familiar…

Not long ago a driven and skilled young man named Lee developed a product. He knew it was valuable and he was the right person to deliver it.

He worked hard, and took it out to test the market. A few orders came in and his clients reported great results. As Lee did the math in his head, he saw a bright future ahead of him.

He could help others and create the business and lifestyle of his dreams. He could work from his beach house or condo in the morning, and have fun through the afternoon!

His family would thank him, and his friends would envy him…

All he needed to do was put in the time for a few years, grind it out to get everything in place and profitable. Then, he’d hire a team, and start kicking back to enjoy the rewards.

The problem was, Lee’s energy couldn’t sustain the relentless push. He was so busy with tasks and all the little details, like setting up his delivery model, customizing order forms, bookkeeping, legal stuff etc.. he never quite had the time or energy to find new clients, see new projects through to completion and leverage their results.

Before long, Lee realized he was on a slippery slope. He was exhausted, his productivity was suffering, and his relationships were wearing thin. Family and friends were shaking their heads, and he had a pretty clear picture about what they were saying out of earshot.

He knew he’d function better if he had more rest and exercise. Many an evening he resolved to turn it around in the morning. Instead, he’d lie in bed wide awake at night tossing and turning, feeling too exhausted the next morning to get to the gym or yoga classes he needed. At day’s end, after pushing himself all day, he’d inevitably feel too depleted to push any further, and choose to simply zone out.

If Lee’s story resonates with you, I’m not surprised. It illustrates the biggest pitfall business owners face, and the single most important challenge you need to overcome if you want to enjoy your life and own a self managing business.

Break The Patterns That Drain Your Energy

I used to run lists through my mind, incessantly.

20 years ago, I was under constant pressure, pushing myself. Between my business and my family responsibilities, I felt like I was running in a business marathon without end.

My business was profitable enough, but my marriage was strained and I was at a physical and emotional breaking point. I stopped, took a step back – and changed my priorities. I finally put self care first and looked for ways to simplify my role, and get control of my time and energy

Here’s how I did it:

  1. I put my health first
  2. Got clear and focused on my priorities
  3. Harnessed my time and energy to maximize my results.

If you want to develop high performance success habits, you need to start with baby steps. 

For example; Let’s say you want to start an exercise ritual, but don’t have enough energy because you aren’t getting the sleep you need.

 Your first step would be to find one key lever to restore your circadian rhythm

Determine whether the root culprit is stress, your eating habits, or staying up late watching Netflix etc…

For example: Let’s say stress is keeping you awake at night… 

You know a ritual of morning exercise would boost your energy… and you’re aware that meditation will relax your mind to rest easy.

The problem is that you can’t find time to fit it in. But you have to if you want to break free. Here’s the trap:

You can’t get up early enough to fit it in before your workday, because you really need more sleep.

You can’t do it after work because you’re hungry and drained after pushing yourself all day, your will is gone.

You don’t seem able to change the habits that support this dynamic either (such as bad diet, drinking, or zoning out on Netflix) because they are your simple pleasures after a long hard day.

You’re caught in a downward spiral beyond your control. This isn’t the bright future you imagined.

It’s hard to imagine blazing success, when your in a grey zone, chained to your desk.

Taking just a few simple steps, can provide enough fuel for upward momentum.

One set for your physical health… The other for your business strategy.

Don’t take too big of a leap, because your current energy condition won’t sustain it… And your survival mechanisms will not be fooled. See: Want Less Strain, More Flow Through The Day?

Week #1

Physical Health:

  1. Drink more water through the day, a lot more water. Starting with a big glass of warm water right when you wake up. 
  2. Schedule a 30 min exercise and meditation session into the day. 


Business Strategy:

  1. Take 10 minutes in a quiet space to close your eyes, connect to your breath and visualize your ideal scenario for your life and business. Draw what you saw and write it down, or simply write it down in detail. Identify a reasonable timeframe to achieve it.
  2. Next, allocate 15 minutes a day (maybe with your morning coffee?), to reverse engineer it from the allocated timeline. Backing into 10 or 5 year goals, then 3 years, 2 years, and 1 year markers.

Week #2 

Physical Health:

  1. Continue drinking plenty of water. Introduce one healthy meal or green drink in your day (at a specified time). Breakfast or lunch is best.


Business Strategy:

  1. Find or create a simple weekly and daily planner,
  2. Ritualize them into specific times and days of the week. 

I like to wake up at 5, write my weekly on Monday, and my daily Monday through Friday, while drinking my water. Then I migrate to my training room for my human energetics practice and dynamic energy meditation… starting my day clear, bright and prepared.

Week 3: Identify your next baby steps in both categories, and so on.

The technique works best if you take small steps that boost your energy, relax your mind, and provide clear direction.

It’s a simple and reliable path to build your energy and momentum, even the busiest and most exhausted (but still breathing :)) business owner can easily fit in.