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How To Cut Through Overwhelm To Be More Effective

Do you have too many demands on your time to make your impact? 

Ever wonder how the most successful entrepreneurs manage their time and energy to create profitable businesses and independent lifestyles?

It may not be the way you think they do.

Although it’s obvious these entrepreneurs are clear and focused on their priorities, and strategic about working smarter instead of harder…

They’ve also adopted other habits that may seem counterintuitive if you’re overwhelmed or feeling burned out like so many other business owners.

If you often feel tired or overwhelmed, the root problem may be that you are trying to run a business with an employee or task oriented mindset. 

  • Equating hard work with productivity.
  • Confusing a 60 hour work week as necessary. 

If so, somewhere along the way, you programmed your brain to work harder instead of smarter. A common mistake that leads to entrepreneurial burnout.

As though each unit of input directly relates to a specific dollar amount earned. Just as it does for an employee working on tasks for an hourly wage or salary.

Or, you may be so caught up by the demands of others, your needs and highest value activities get squeezed into the margins. Depleting your energy reserves by the time the clamor lets up. See: How To Protect Your Energy & Gate The Demands Of Others

Many talented and passionate entrepreneurs have experienced burnout by getting caught on a hamster wheel of endless tasks and responding to the demands of others… 

… And what worked to get the business launched, becomes counterproductive as their business grows.

They lose momentum and confidence, when they should be harnessing their time and energy to make their impact.

It’s heartbreaking to watch these inevitable outcomes of cause and effect unfold over time. 

Before long, instead of improving productivity – their productivity suffers, their personal and business relationships suffer and then, their health suffers which makes everything grind to a halt.

Friends and family all too often get pushed aside because of overwhelm. Even though time spent elsewhere often provides the insights that leverage your time and energy. 

These are all signs that foreshadow entrepreneur burnout.

What started as self discipline somehow mutates into mental health issues of poor self care, loneliness, anxiety and other forms of chronic self deprivation.

Instead of getting the freedom they started their business for they become enslaved by it. 

It’s an exhausting, lonely and disheartening experience. 

Once you reach the point of burnout, it takes time to regroup, sometimes years. 

I know because it has happened to me. It gutted my confidence and drive, as well as my energy, for almost a year.

Instead of denying themselves, what entrepreneurs really need is a reliable method to achieve clarity and focus, to wake up empowered and double their impact with less effort. 

The solution is counterintuitive. 

Through my new program “Wake Up Empowered”, I guide business owners that are feeling overwhelmed prevent burnout by changing their approach including their habits and limiting beliefs using these 3 steps:

  1. Put your health first
  2. Get clear and focused on your priorities
  3. Harness your time and energy to maximize your results

Effectiveness is not achieved through brute force, because it triggers other, more serious problems. You’ll make more impact in the long term with a relaxed concentration.

It’s about developing the ability to harness your mind and energy. Toning your body, mind and spirit to a flexible and resilient state.

There are principles to managing your energy well. Learning them helps you become more intentional and makes growth more interesting (and challenging in a good way) than overwhelming.

I’ve been leading sales teams and running my own businesses since the 80’s. 

Training entrepreneurs and other thought leaders to develop high performance success habits through ancient eastern practices that empower their body, mind & spirit since 2003.

Just like them, I am on a journey of continuous adaptation.

The past few years this problem has become widespread, and many people seem more easily frayed than in the past, not as resilient. 

It’s important not to internalize the lack of control you feel about being overwhelmed into shame.

Getting centered and productive is a strategic outcome, born of cause and effect. 

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, I recommend you consider effectiveness a core muscle you need to develop. 

After all, it is no exaggeration that along with your business, your health, your relationships and your sanity are at stake.

If this method of shifting from reaction mode into a highly effective state of creativity appeals to you, join me for my 4 part online masterclass: “3 Morning Rituals To Win The Day”. It’s complimentary, I’m inviting you as my guest. It’s a unique workshop where I will guide you through practices and principles step by step to develop your own high performance success habits.



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