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Use This Meditation To Break Free Of Negative Thoughts

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Today, I’m sharing an invaluable practice with you…

It has been a cornerstone of my life (and my students) for over two decades. A guided meditation that transcends relaxation. It’s a journey within, facilitating a transformation of negativity into a wellspring of win-win-win solutions that would not occur to you otherwise.

Life as an entrepreneur, coach, or healer opens a door to limitless opportunity, but it often brings challenges that trigger negativity.

Whether it’s the relentless pace, juggling multiple roles, or facing internal struggles with confidence and growth, negativity can be a formidable adversary.

Negativity, when left unattended, morphs into energy traps that lock us in survival mode. It restricts growth, limits potential, and fosters a battleground mentality where we battle external challenges but neglect our internal landscape. Also see: How To Process & Transform Negative Thoughts


Shifting the Focus Inward

Negative thoughts are a protective mechanism – they activate our stress response .

The game-changing realization is this: when faced with mental or emotional agitation, turn inward.

Meditation becomes the guiding light, connecting us to our core, our primitive brain, through the simple act of breathing. By lowering our brain waves, it propels us from reactive survival mode to a centered space, where growth becomes organic.

This connection to our core activates our immune system, creating a powerful force field that repels negativity. See: How To Shift From Survive To Thrive

It’s a transformation, shifting us from our ‘small self’ to our ‘big self,’ where we can view situations with a meta perspective—an objective, peaceful, and wide-ranging outlook.

Meditation Walkthrough

Here’s my method..

First, find a comfortable spot, sit upright, tuck in your chin to draw your crown high… and close your eyes. Inhale deeply, exhale comfortably, and notice the relaxation spreading from your shoulders down to your core.

Smile gently. Feel your chest opening, and observe energy sinking into your lower abdomen. Now, breathe into your core, ensuring you’re centered. Bring your attention to your heart, and identify the negativity troubling you.

Ask your heart for the root of your agitation. Be patient; trust the process. 

Once you’ve identified the root, seek a solution or guidance by asking, “What should I do?” Open your eyes and document your insights.

This exercise integrates your thinking brain (neo-cortex) to the language of your inner primitive brain. With consistent practice, it becomes fluent and you gain mastery of your body, mind and spirit.

Use it whenever agitation arises, and witness the unfolding of solutions. It’s a practice of nipping negativity in the bud, restoring peace of mind swiftly and and unlocking a deeper reservoir of creativity.

Download my “Meditation to Transform Negative Thoughts Guide” below this article.

Why It Works

In times of stress, negative thoughts trigger our system into survival mode…

Constricting our chest and dispatching energy outward. 

Chronic exposure leads to control issues, fractured relationships, and physical ailments. By turning inward, we break free from these patterns.

Transforming negativity is an essential skill for every visionary navigating the entrepreneurial journey. 

This guided meditation isn’t just a practice; it’s an invitation to a profound transformation.

Embrace it, cultivate positivity, and let it become your beacon to resilience, creativity, and success.

Want my downloadable guide and worksheet for this meditation method?

Download my Free “Meditation to Transform Negative Mindsets Guide” 



​If you have any questions or insights about this meditation method – comment below. I read them all.