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Why “Dynamic” Meditation Is Essential For Every Entrepreneur

While the benefits of meditation come from quieting mental chatter, newbies can find the process frustrating and chaotic…

When starting a new meditation ritual it’s not uncommon to feel more confused than relaxed. Many busy business owners find their mind is racing around an unfamiliar void, searching for control and context.

They wonder, “What exactly am I supposed to “DO” when I connect with the present moment?”

For others, their first few meditations are emotionally charged. Especially if suppressed fear and anxiety starts to surface from their chest. Many jump to the conclusion “it’s not for me” while others might turn towards guided visualizations.

They don’t realize the cognitive dissonance is a good sign. It generally clears in a few moments… and that different types of meditation yield different results.

They might ease into it better with targeted dynamic practices, such as chanting or tapping. Or larger physical movements such as ji gam, tai chi, qigong, taoist yoga, sun salutations, vibration stress release, or ecstatic dance.

Wherever you start, you should know a well rounded ritual includes many styles. Each has its own value and outcome.

What may not resonate so well with you at one stage, may transform your life down the road.

We can get so much more from meditation than simply mindfulness based stress reduction. Inhaling and exhaling to release stress is a great regulation technique, but it does not create lasting change.

On the other hand, dynamic meditative techniques have the power to recalibrate your body mind and spirit back to zero..  Freeing your mind for more proactive activity. See: Release Stress With Water Up/ Fire Down Energy Condition.

Since the purpose of meditation varies, you can develop a toolkit of techniques to serve you well in any situation.

Guided visualizations are valuable when you are goal setting and want to visualize what success looks like. (see: Portals To Clarity)

Guided meditations work well to help you uncover answers to the important questions in life. The ones that change your outlook, but would never occur to you during daily life.

Neither method gives you the executive ability to manage your brain and your energy well, because they are passive.

Entrepreneurs need rituals that train their brain and body to achieve a wider range of motion. To claim their square, and stand tall in their integrity… while being adaptable and responsive within continually changing environments.

This requires a more cellular experience than guided visualization and meditations can offer.

Passive meditation including transcendental meditations don’t widen your range of motion. Neither do they cultivate the attributes of presence, objectivity, focus, memory, resilience and heightened intuition, so vital to entrepreneurial success.

So while guided meditations and visualizations are beneficial in the right context. (I use them with my students for resolving the important questions in life, goal setting, and conflict resolution. )…

They are NOT going to:

  • Get you off the rotating hamster wheel of stress, overwhelm, or spreading yourself too thin.
  • Equip you to negotiate effectively
  • Improve challenging relationships.
  • Train your brain to a toned and agile state of awareness
  • Provide the timely insights that will quickly give you the edge in your market.

Especially when compared to dynamic meditation practices. Dynamic meditations are very different from guided visualizations and meditations, and they produce dramatically different results.

Every entrepreneur is on a journey of self mastery, whether they realize it or not.

Creating a business and value to others out of thin air. Adapting their character and capacity to align with its success.

Ideally, our achievements enrich us as we offer our products or services. Providing us with abundance, happiness and fulfilment in return.

Dynamic meditations are essential to self mastery. They are based on principles of energy which integrate body, mind and spirit.

They ground us in the here and now, and reign us back in when the mind wanders. As you pay attention to your movements, you learn to MOVE energy, empowering and releasing at will.

They purify and empower us from the inside out. They are instruments for self-empowerment and done right, they produce resilience, wisdom and higher intuition.

You can achieve the freedom of time, money and impact you started your business for in the first place. Instead of having to choose between your personal life and small businesses success.

Dynamic Meditations Are More Empowering And Transformative Than Static Forms

Energy is power! It just needs to be channeled where you want it to go.

Energy exists in three forms:

  • Light
  • Sound, and
  • Vibration

Energy travels in waves. In our case, brain waves send energy (and messages) through energy lines that network through our body, called meridians.

Our body sends energy and messages back to the brain as well, creating a symbiotic relationship of information and experience.

Through the meridian network, we use our body to train our brain, and our brain to train our body, with energy being the bridge (the carrier of information). Not unlike a telephone line, sending and receiving messages.

You send a message, observe the response, tweaking as you go, until the lines are communicating clearly. Building integrity. Releasing tension, kinks and static.

Mastering the ability to harness your mind and direct your energy, will raise your performance in every aspect of your life. See: How To Activate Your Energy System For High Performance

Providing you with an edge in business, abundant energy through the day, and enriching your relationships


We have 20 meridians in all.

12 “ordinary” meridians that run along the surface under our skin. They move energy between our brain and body and are paired with specific vital organs.

These meridians generate vitality and balance through the five elements of eastern medicine.

Along with regulating our health, the five elements influence our character and psychology. They change our brain chemistry.

The goal is to create balance and harmony within, so all our “parts” are working well together, like a team.

We also have 8 “extraordinary” meridians, which run deep inside us. They act like reservoirs for the 12 ordinary meridians.  When the 12 ordinary meridians flow freely and fill to overflowing, they fill the extraordinary meridians. The vitality that results raises our resonance and abilities beyond the norm.

Dynamic meditations train your brain and body to harness energy into power and to direct it adeptly. First internally, then externally influencing your environment, then harnessing the energy of the cosmos.

That is why we call masters of energy, “Adepts”. Adepts achieve great results with less effort.

My “Human Energetics” and “SMART Entrepreneur Empowerment System”  (SMART = Self Mastery through Action, Resilience & Transformation), use many forms of static and dynamic meditation.

Each style has a specific benefit. They:

  • Revitalize every cell in your brain and your body, deep into the marrow of your bones.
  • Widen your range of motion and build resilience. Empowering you to create success in life and business.
  • Build an unshakeable foundation; physically, emotionally and mentally.
  • Keep you connected to your values, enriching your relationships and leadership skills
  • Bring clarity, focus and simplicity, for decisive action and momentum.
  • Provide the ultimate form of holistic conditioning, from the inside out, starting with the core.

This is essential for entrepreneurs because we are on a path of constant change. It’s usually a fear of change that keeps us stuck or playing smaller than we intended.

Successful Entrepreneurs Are Like Taoist Adepts

I say this because we need to move with an economy of motion, mastering our time and energy.

We need to be adaptable and responsive. To claim our space in our markets and set clear boundaries.

We also need good instincts, clear minds and strong communication skills to be impactful.

If you haven’t yet, I hope I’ve inspired you to start exploring more dynamic meditations. Ideally assigning them first place in your daily self connection ritual.

We have to make sure we master ourselves and our businesses, so we don’t get trapped working too hard to enjoy the rewards.

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