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Release Stress with Water up / Fire Down Energy Circulation

If you really want to release stress, you should know there are principles at work behind healthy body – healthy mind that reach far deeper than the bursts of relief you get from cycling, running trails or even doing most modern versions of yoga, qigong and meditation.

The 1st principle, Water Up – Fire Down  activates your parasympathetic nervous system to “repel stress like water of a duck” and restore your mind to a calm and peaceful state.

In total there are 3 principles of energy that govern the physical, emotional, spiritual domains of your being and your brain.

Using them will improve your health, strengthen your character and open your true potential, which is what we all long for. It’s like returning to the warm hearth on a winter’s day… opening a little gift, discovering that gift is you and drawing out endless treasures that re-awaken your sense of curiosity, joyful enthusiasm and purpose.

Water Up/Fire Down (1st Principle of Energy)

In eastern practices the 1st of three principles, “Water Up – Fire Down,” is also referred to as the microcosmic circuit. It manages the parasympathetic response of the autonomic nervous system, emphasizes physical health and offers us an important balancing perspective.

According to this principle, warm fire energy, produced in your heart, should travel down to your abdomen. Cool water energy, produced in your kidneys should travel upward through an energy channel along your spine.  Good health is characterized by a warm belly, which is good for your abdominal organs, and a cool head, equated with a clear mind.

Negative health consequences come with reversed energy circulation.  When the energy center in your lower abdomen is weak, it’s hard to hold fire energy in your abdomen.  Poor stress management constricts the chest and forces fire energy back up toward the head.  Symptoms of this reversed energy flow include a warm head, a cloudy mind, headaches, irregular digestion, anxious thoughts, shoulder tension, lower back and joint pain… and is the primary instigator underlying lethargy, depression and disease.

As water up-fire down restores the physical energy builds in the dahn jon (lower abdomen-2nd chakra), healthy energy circulation restores in the digestive system.  The body’s blood supply is purified and nutritional absorption is optimized.  Clear, fresh energy and blood circulates through the entire body.

This state of being prepares you for the 2nd Principle of Energy which relates to emotional intelligence, and then the 3rd principle which optimizes the power of your mind.

This is why the systematic implementation of the 3 principles of energy form the foundation of my regular 3 times per week classes and all my programs, speaking engagements and workshops whether operating silently, under the radar or illustrated with specific theory instruction.

Exercises For Beginners

Water Up- Fire Down energy condition begins on the physical level with your basic health and immune system. It’s activated by simple exercises that deepen your breath to warm your intestines.

Since most people in our current information age have too much heat or fire energy in their head, there is often stiffness or blockage in the neck and shoulders or chest that needs to open and clear, as well as stiff, cold intestines that need to warm and relax and release toxins first.

It’s usually best to start warming and toning with Belly Drumming followed up with Intestine Exercises for more focused cultivation, making space in your lower abdomen for Ki-energy to gather in your core to nourish your vital functions and give you more energy through the day. Toe tapping is also a great way to draw heat and trapped energy down from your head and restore circulation (especially if stress keeps you up at night) using principles of reflexology, although it can be challenging at first, depending on your condition.

Advanced Forms

Intermediate practitioners build on the foundation of Water Up – Fire Down from physical health, to energy management, and cultivating their emotional IQ (see: “Want Less Strain, More Flow Through The Day?”).

Advanced practitioners sequentially build into self-mastery.  They incorporate the 3 Principles it into daily life and cultivate their character along with their qi-energy through daily Qigong, Dynamic Meditations, and ongoing introspection.

It doesn’t take long to become toned and agile, empowered and highly capable. Your entire being longs to be centered and connected, in a relaxed and peaceful state of creative expression. That is – if you are fortunate enough or wise enough to find a guide with the experience and knowledge of the principles of energy to guide them step by step… Which, fortunately for you – you are.


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