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Becoming Stress Resilient – The Dance of Strength & Flexibility

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Mastering the art of adaptability in life and business…

I produced this live video after delivering my morning Qi-Energetics class last Wednesday.  It has insights to share on a topic that’s often overlooked, yet crucial for everyone.

Especially those of us navigating the self-employed journey.

And that’s exploring how the balance between strength and flexibility informs our overall well-being and success.

It’s helpful to understand the following about the two related Elements.

In traditional Eastern practices:

  • Flexibility (and patience) is closely related to the wood element, specifically associated with the liver and gallbladder.
  • Physical strength (and courage) is the domain the water element, centered around the kidneys and urinary bladder.

These elements aren’t just symbolic; they impact our physical condition, longevity, and, most importantly, our resilience in changing environments.


The Liver’s Role

The liver is considered a superhero in our body.

That because it filters toxins physically and emotionally.

It also influences our judgments and perceptions of the world…

Too many toxins, and our system becomes either too rigid or too weak, impacting our adaptability.

Physically this constricts our range of motion with tight muscles and tendons restricting energy circulation in our brain and body.

Mentally, this constricts our range of motion to adapt, and navigate, tolerate and accept change. Locking us into limiting beliefs.

Finding the Balance

What we aim for is a delicate dance between strength & flexibility.

Strength provides us with the courage to overcome limitations, essential for self-employed individuals and entrepreneurs constantly navigating expansion and growth.

Flexibility allows us to adapt, learn, and unlocks our creativity. Critical for success in any venture.

Our judgments, influenced by the liver element, shape how we see the world.

The ability to claim our space while remaining open to new possibilities creates a healthy balance between our determination, acceptance of what is… and adaptability.

Our mindset becomes more motivational, rather than constrained or oppressive.

It’s this balance that empowers us from trying to excessively control (or blame) external factors including other people… which is often counterproductive in the long run.

Freeing us to to be more proactive (instead of reactive) and use our energy to focus on creating success in life and business through our capacity for wisdom and personal growth.

Long-Term Consequences & Outcomes

Failure to maintain this equilibrium can lead to issues such as arthritis and a resistance to change.

Seriously inhibiting range of motion!

Self-connection becomes crucial for expanding our range of motion, zooming out to the bigger picture, and taking care of the details while managing our energy well.

  • Physically, finding this balance provides us with the courage to try new things and the flexibility to adapt to various challenges.
  • Mentally, it ensures a focused and directed mind.

Facilitating the ability to maintain healthy routines while also being resilient, responsive, and agile in a changing environment.

Qi-Energetics Approach

Qi-Energetics is a brain and body training system…

We use both hardware and software methods.

The hardware method involves changing neural circuitries through brain education and physical conditioning.

The software method, represented by awakenings, explores changes in brain chemistry and body through mental introspection, movement, reflection, and goal-setting.

Your Qi-Energy being the bridge.

In the journey toward enhanced adaptability and resilience, finding the right balance between strength and flexibility is key.

This isn’t just a physical exercise but a holistic approach to shaping our mindset and achieving lasting success.

I offer an Introduction to Qi-Energetics Masterclass so you too can experience the magic of generating more power and flow in your business.

It includes three sessions. I take you step by step to experience the process. I’ll also show you the secrets behind why it works, and how you can use it to.

It’s complimentary. I’m inviting you as my guest.

Here’s to a week filled with balance, strength, and flexibility – you’ve got this!



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​If you have any questions or insights about balancing strength & flexibility to build a better business – comment below. I read them all.