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3 Steps To Master Your Brain, Body & Business

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Do you get so consumed by business, you sacrifice your health and wellness for it?

You may be under the spell of the Balance Bandit.

Balance Bandits are dazzling characters. They like to dangle illusive rewards of future payoffs to entice you, or otherwise cajole you into pushing yourself harder and harder, when you should be getting rest and rejuvenation. 

If that approach doesn’t work they might criticize, jeer or shame you into capitulation. 

They win every-time you get knocked off balance or lost in a loop of frustration, brain fog and exhaustion. 

Sound familiar?

Does to me. I know exactly how frustrating things can get when you are giving your ALL to build a profitable business. 

From a young single mom starting my first career as a stockbroker in the early 80’s, to guiding thousands of influencers through my empowerment systems and programs over the past 20 years… 

The fear and pain are real. Even when your entire system is silently screaming for relief… You can worry if you turn your gaze away – even for a bit, everything you have in motion will collapse around you.

It’s easy to become consumed, ignoring your health and other basic needs when you’re grappling with the insatiable demands of a growing business.

About 85% Of Disease & Illness Today Is Stress Related

When your health suffers, it undercuts your productivity, your profitability, and quality of life.

It takes longer to complete projects, and the outcome generally isn’t your best.

In fact, over 85% of modern day disease and illness is psychosomatic, or stress related.

No entrepreneur should have to experience that constant sense of calamity looming on an ongoing basis.

Instead, you should feel proud of yourself & enjoy more of the good things in life for all your effort. 

Even if it’s the simple things like being fully present and engaged with friends and family, or getting awestruck by a beautiful sunset.

Feeling eager, creative & on top of your game through the day… instead of frustrated, drained and depleted.

The Solution Is Counterintuitive

Instead of depriving yourself, sacrificing self care and pushing yourself harder…

Doubling down on the same energy draining behavior, expecting a different result!

Join my upcoming Qi-Energetics Masterclass. It will empower you to master your inner game using these three steps. 

First we’ll empower your core so you are grounded, and energized through the day

Next, you’ll restore strength and flexibility 

    • in your body to eliminate muscle tension 
    • and your brain to activate flow state – so you accomplish more, in less time, with less effort.

Then, we cultivate your Qi-Energy so you are focused, present and on-point. 

Qi-energetics delivers the ultimate form of holistic conditioning, starting with the core.. it is safe and suitable for all levels

One hour of self care saves you two because you will have less strain, more energy, clarity and focus.

Now You Can Too!

For a limited time only…

I’m offering a free trial class in my studio and a 3 session masterclass online

If you haven’t already…Here’s what you need to do to join us.

  1. Click the link according to your location.
  2. You’ll be taken to a booking page
  3. And then, Enter a few quick details.


Select your location and Book your Free Qi-Energetics Session!

It’s as easy as that… I’ll guide you step by step from there.

Together, we’ll banish the balance bandits of stress, exhaustion, and brain fog from your life and your business forever.

To shift from surviving: As you get off the rollercoaster of stress, strain and energy spikes that trigger repeating cycles of frustration, brain fog and exhaustion. 

To thriving: Repelling stress like water off a duck…and energizing your day.

Now, let me ask you another question …

What if you could repel stress and enjoy more energy, ease and flow through your workday?

What would it do for your business?

If you have any questions about stress management for your business – ask below. I’m here to help.