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3 Steps To Eliminate The Energy Traps From Your Business

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What if there was a simple method to break free of the energy traps in your business?

Giving you the clarity and focus to fast track your business growth – while enjoying a better quality of life.

Every entrepreneur starts their business to achieve entrepreneurial freedom.

Whether freedom of impact, time, or money. We want to live life on our own terms.

Unfortunately, while we all want these entrepreneurial freedoms, MOST entrepreneurs approach their business like a job, with a task-oriented mindset. This is usually because their brain is hard-wired to work harder instead of smarter. Mistaking time worked with money earned… like an employee.

The problem is those urgent tasks aren’t usually the most important actions to take to grow a successful business.

That’s because while you’re focusing your energy on those urgent, but less important tasks, your important, but less urgent projects get pushed aside, or procrastinated.

The paradox is, that you can’t afford NOT to stop… and take a step back.

Especially when less than an afternoon of introspection and planning, will save you years if not decades of frustration.

It’s just as important to remember it’s not all about achieving business success.

I can’t tell you the number of entrepreneurs who’ve come to me, trying to find a better way, because they built a business at the cost of their health, relationships, and personal life.

They work incessantly for years with their evenings and weekends consumed by their business while the rest of their life gets squeezed into the margins.

3 Golden Rules

There are three Golden rules that comprise a sustainable vision plan and business strategy.

Unfortunately, it’s unheard of to have all 3 of these golden rules in one simple planning system, which is a huge flaw.… and that’s why I call my entry program for overworked entrepreneurs The Ultimate Vision Plan.

1) First, there are aspects of your life that should not be ceded to others. Your direction in life, how you want to express yourself, the lifestyle that you want. All the areas of your life that are related to your personal fulfilment.

You need to take a step back and zoom out for a meta view, and then turn your mind within to clarify the lifestyle goals that you really want, deep in your heart, to create a life plan and business model that ensures you are healthy, happy and fulfilled for all your efforts.

2) The 2nd golden rule is that, in addition to visualizing your ultimate scenario, you need a strategy to create systems as you grow, so at each level of business growth, your role becomes simpler, and your actions are leveraged to be more impactful.

Systems are your path to sustainable growth… and to entrepreneurial freedom. And its not a big deal to plan them. Really, you just need to outline your growth strategy, and they’ll fall into place, because you’ve shifted from a task mentality into an entrepreneurial mindset, and you know what’s coming.

3) You need planners to stay clear and focused, keep your workday simple, trackable, and have a method to harness your time and energy to use them well.

If you look closely, you’ll see all the successful entrepreneurs do.

They engineer a business and lifestyle they love, and they have a strategy for staying there.


Now, let me ask you another question …

What if you can eliminate the energy traps, and endless tasks that hold you back?

What would it do for you?

And if you have any questions about energy traps you struggle with… or insights -pop them into the comments section.