• Intestine Exercise

    by Arrow on March 11,2011 in Basic Meridian Exercises

    Breath and internal massage of the organs combine to move toxins from the internal organs, creates water up - fire down energy condition and effectively strengthens and cultivates energy in the Dahn jon (2nd chakra)

    Intestine-exerciseDoes your breath flow comfortably and deeply, creating peace and joy in the present moment?  Abdominal breathing is only effective if the intestines are soft and flexible.  Most people, when they begin Meridian exercise have cold & stiff intestines.

    The lower abdomen is filled with the small and large intestines, which together hold about one third of the body’s blood volume at any given time.  Therefore, a smooth and unimpeded flow of blood through the intestines is important for efficient circulation of both energy and blood in the body.

    The underlying cause of health problems are the toxins within our internal organs.  Unhealthy eating habits and excessive stress cause your intestines to become cold and stiff, which prevents food from being completely excreted, which then releases toxins.  This is called autointoxication—self-poisoning by the body’s own toxins.  This also negatively impacts the proper absorption of nutrients and minerals from the healthy foods we eat.

    Intestine Exercise stimulates your intestines and improves peristalsis of the colon, which removes the feces along the walls of the intestine and relieves constipation.  Because one-third of your body’s blood flows through your abdomen, Intestine Exercise is great not only for your abdomen, but for the circulation of your entire body.  As the solar plexus is stimulated, bladder and reproductive functions are often enhanced, improving even feminine illnesses caused by cold energy.  Your skin may also improve as rashes, acne, and skin spots are alleviated by the release of toxins.

    How to do Intestine Exercise

    1.Put your hands on your lower abdomen.
    2.Breathe in and push your abdomen out, feeling some pressure.
    3.Breathe out and pull your abdomen towards your back.
    4.Repeat 1-3 at least 50 times.
    5.Count a motion of pushing out and pulling in as one.
    6.Rub your abdomen clockwise.

  • Stacie says:

    On the intestine exercise, am I to rub the abdomen counter clockwise after the 50 reps or somehow simultaneously? Thank you. The exercises are wonderful.

    • Arrow says:

      Hi Stacie,
      Rub the entire abdomenal cavity in large circles after the rep’s. Gradually deepen the motion and increase the rep’s as your body relaxes. Your very welcome!

  • Chelsea says:

    Hello, I wonder how often to do this exercise. Daily?

    • Arrow says:

      Hi Chelsea, Yes do the exercise daily, even 2 or 3 times through the day to start as the Intestines need to restore their flexibility. You should see results within the week. Initially you can feel stiffness in the shoulders or heaviness in the legs as the associated meridians begin to clear stagnant energies. Let me know how it goes. Arrow

  • Lyne Lantaigne says:

    Dear Arrow,

    Thank you for sharing this and the intestinal massage practice today. It was amazing how immediate the effects were for me. I look forward to your class tomorrow afternoon.

    I appreciate your generosity,