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How To Build Qi-Energy, Focus & Impact In 15 Minutes

Want a handy ninja tactic to boost your energy through the day… and get laser focused on making your impact?

Today I’m sharing a super simple and effective exercise that will not only improve your digestion and strengthen your immune system. It also empowers your core, clears your mind, and quickly centers your emotions.

Most people, when they begin Yoga, Meditation or Meridian exercises like Qigong or my system; Qi-Energetics have to start by relieving cold & stiff intestines, before they can relax and take advantage of all the benefits.

That’s because deep abdominal breathing is only effective if the intestines are soft and flexible.

Usually when our energy is low, we chalk it up to our work, sleep or eating habits.  And, while that’s true, it’s helpful to understand the underlying dynamics, so we can take back control of our basic functions and energize our day.

Fact is, unhealthy eating habits and excessive stress cause the intestines to become cold and stiff, and prevent food from being completely excreted, which then releases toxins into the blood stream.  This is called auto-intoxication—self-poisoning by the body’s own toxins.   This also reduces the absorption of nutrients and minerals from the healthy foods we eat.

Popular in Asian cultures for thousands of years, one exercise in particular – called Intestine Exercise – deepens your breath and directly massages your small and large intestine (and other organs, including your brain) to release stress, build vitality and move toxins from the internal organs, starting with your core.

Imagine a Martial Artist using one hand to chop through a stack of wood or bricks, or a Master of the Tao Healing Arts moving matter to effect physical change without touch.  These feats are accomplished through an empowered core and mind that is not limited (or enslaved) by the 5 senses.

This is why in the east, people often see massage therapists for Intestine massage sessions. Not only to improve digestion and fuel their sexual virility, fertility, and longevity, but also to enhance their clarity, peace of mind and overall health and wellbeing.

In hospitals, nurses offer post-natal intestine massage to new mothers to activate internal healing and toning of the intestines and womb.

These days in the west, an offshoot of the practice is becoming popularized as Vagal Nerve Stimulation. But while it’s a step in the right direction (because at least now we are connecting stress management and gut health with brain function) it’s still a limited approach when compared to the deep Self-Mastery that comes from the Tao Healing Arts, 5 Element Theory and Brain Education used in traditional eastern practices.

Central to the Tao Healing Arts, (Chinese Medicine) Leadership Arts and Martial Arts – Intestine Exercise creates water up – fire down energy condition and effectively strengthens and cultivates qi-energy in your Dahn jon (2nd chakra) for empowered grounding and harnessed channeling of energy into higher emotional and spiritual uses. See: Release Stress with Water Up – Fire Down Energy Circulation.

It strengthens your immune system, and establishes the right temperature distribution through your body, for good energy management… which is to hold fire energy in the belly to fuel your digestion – and for your brain to be cool, fresh and bright.

Intestine Exercise stimulates your intestines and improves peristalsis of the colon (removing the old feces along the walls of the intestine and relieves constipation).  And, because one-third of your body’s blood flows through your abdomen, Intestine Exercise is great not only for your abdomen, but for the circulation of fresh blood and energy through your entire body.

As internal organs are stimulated, kidney, bladder and reproductive functions are also enhanced, healing impotence in men and feminine issues, such as infertility- caused by cold energy.  Your skin usually also improves with the release of toxins.

The great thing is that you can do Intestine Exercises anytime throughout the day. Either lying in bed before you get up, sitting in the car on your drive to work, or while you are standing, sitting, kneeling or walking.

If your intestines are too cold and stiff, you’ll find it easier to start with Belly Drumming (included in the linked tutorial), to relax your shoulders, open your chest, deepen your breath, and warm your intestines. Then try again.

How to do Intestine Exercise

Either stand up in a relaxed posture with your knees bent 15 degrees, sit in a chair with your feet solidly on the ground, or lie down with your ankles shoulder width apart

  1. Put your hands on your lower abdomen.
  2. Breathe in and push your abdomen out, feeling some pressure.
  3. Breathe out and pull your abdomen towards your back.
  4. Repeat 1-3 at least 50 times.
  5. Count a motion of pushing out and pulling in as one.
  6. Rub your abdomen clockwise.

If you want to be walked step by step through a complimentary guided tutorial, scroll down and click the link below this article.

Next Level: Empowerment

Once your breath deepens and peristalsis is established through Intestine exercise – the next step is to make the exercise habitual and combine it with your physical conditioning training to empower your core and cultivate Qi-energy… which is a higher form of energy, because it is consciously cultivated along with your mind.

Harnessing qi- energy in your core will keep you centered and full of focused energy through your workday as well as boosting your vitality and over-all physical performance.

That’s why we even use this exercise as a grounding baseline for introspection and building your emotional intelligence quotient!

The enhanced ability of mind over matter is at the heart of Heart Drum Beat programs as a path to building the physical health, charisma and heightened intuition of today’s entrepreneur and tomorrow’s thought leader. All necessary traits for entrepreneurs striving to benefit others and create success in life and business.

Staying healthy, focused and productive, to make the most amount of impact with the least amount of effort.

So, if you want to build your success on a solid foundation of vibrant health and self-connection…

Click the link below to get free instant access to the tutorial and get started now.

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