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Effective Pain Relief

Toe tapping is a simple exercise that is highly effective for relieving headaches, insomnia, tension, and fatigue. It also works for lower back pain and releasing tension from your hip joints.

Toe tapping restores a state of “Water Up, Fire Down” in your body by bringing fire energy down from your upper body into your lower body and core, so that your mind becomes calm and your body relaxed.

This exercise stimulates the acupressure points in your feet, which connect to your entire body, making your whole body refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Toe tapping improves blood, oxygen, and energy circulation throughout your body, adds a healthy glow to your skin and more smoothness in your joints.

If you take just 10 minutes every night to do toe tapping before you go to sleep, you’ll sleep deeply, have better rest, and wake up energized and ready to go. Use my “Toe Tapping Video Tutorial” to get started.


Toe Tapping in 3 Easy Steps:

1) Lie down comfortably with your feet together, align your head with your spine. Close your eyes and relax your body.

2) Keeping your heels together, swing your feet outwards and inwards so that you are repeatedly tapping your big toes together and then the outsides of your feet toward the floor.

3) Move your feet as fast as you can without straining yourself, starting with at least 50 repetitions and gradually increasing the number of repetitions and opening the outsides of the feet further to the floor as you practice.

* When you finish, let your body breathe comfortably as you feel subtle vibrations and energy sensations running through your body.

If you have poor energy circulation, the exercise will be tougher than it looks at first.  Once you get used to it, loosen your joints and open your energy channels, it will be very relaxing. Initially you may feel a lot of burning, especially along the inside of the legs, as you push through sensations of stale energy being stuck in your body.

If you feel too much pain, go a little slower, but keep going until you feel better and begin trying to move your feet rhythmically as fast as you comfortably can.  Soon, muscles and joints will open and relax and you can continue without too much effort. It usually takes about 10 minutes to do 1000 repetitions (500 count: every second tap counts as 1, count in 10′s).


Next Step

Intermediate and advanced practitioners build on the foundation of “Water Up – Fire Down” from physical health, to energy management (emotional Intelligence) into self-mastery.  They incorporate 3 Principles it into daily life to cultivate their character and learn to manage their energy through Qi Yoga, Dynamic Meditations,The Tao Healing Arts & Martial Arts.

It doesn’t take long to become toned and agile, empowered and highly capable. Your entire being longs to be self-possessed with wisdom, and imbued with a relaxed and peaceful state of creative awareness. 

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Student Comments

Take the Toe Tapping Challenge!!!: For deeper full body release try tapping for 1-2 hrs. (no kidding), be sure to share your findings in the comments section…

Betty: “I did 10,000 toe taps today. I double dare you all to do the same!!!!!  The feeling upon completion was amazing.”

Lee: 10,000 toe taps!  “It was hard for the first little bit.  My mind kept saying;  Can you last this long?  There would be sudden shifts of heat to my face and tingling in my fingers.  Eventually the energy shifted after 6’000 taps.  At one point I felt I could go forever.  When it was over I felt calmer and more relaxed and a lot more open.  After the cool down stretching my lower back feels amazing.  Glad I did it.”

Angela: I did 10,000 toe taps together with Arrow. It was a challenge to focus on the practice and initially my distracting thoughts made it hard to keep count. After about 6,000, frustration and negative energy had been released and gave way to focus and calmness. Having the pressure points in the feet stimulated created a very refreshing feeling of lightness from head to toe! I slept SO well last night!”