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Myth Buster #2: Is Your Brain Your Ally… Or Biggest Foe?

Do You Go To Bed Determined To Shine In The Morning?

Only to find, as morning dawns you’re getting torn in different directions and backsliding into old patterns as the day and evening unfolds?

If so, you may feel you’ve become your biggest obstacle, often at the cost of your health, relationships and impact.

The good news is your brain still wants you to grow and achieve fulfilment. That said, when you’re locked into a cycle it takes more than resolve to break the chains that bind you. It takes a different approach.

You know you are capable and have a desire, skill and talent. Otherwise you would never have chosen an entrepreneurial path. A journey that by its very nature demands self mastery to achieve success in life and business.

So what’s really in the way of making your impact, or achieving the time, money, relationship or lifestyle freedom you want?

Whether you want to adopt a morning ritual to energize your day, improve productivity by eliminating distractions, or be more patient and present in your relationships…

There’s a lot of disempowering information being circulated about the brain that deserves serious myth-busting. Especially what everyone’s regurgitating about the primitive brain. That it’s designed to work against you, sabotaging your pursuit of health, happiness and peace…

Don’t believe them. It’s simply a myth.

Popular theory is that because the primitive, reptilian domain of the human brain is wired for survival on the physical plain (which is TRUE), its agenda conflicts with the emotional, and analytical domains you rely upon for relationships and achievement (FALSE).

I see this nonsense peddled by marketing gurus and industry “experts” as science. They don’t know better… they are simply quoting someone else, (likely rooted in “neuro-linguistic programming”, which has it’s uses… and limitations)  to provide “scientific data” that builds credibility and trust… often to motivate you to buy their product or service.

Unfortunately everyone is spreading this disempowering information now, implanting the idea they hold the key, by offering you “simple brain hacks”.

The problem of buying into this misinformation is threefold:

  1. The message is disempowering.
  2. It fosters confusion, encouraging dependence on others.
  3. It separates you from yourself, your intuition, and higher wisdom

How To Take Back Your Brain

And that’s the problem. The conventional perspective assumes you are weak, dependent and disconnected.

When your energy is scattered, it is weak and misdirected. Your cellular intelligence locks you into survival mode and your energy remains dispatched outward in fight or flight, to either control or protect you from, the environment.

Not because your primitive brain (brain stem) is working against your goals… but because you need to take a step back. Harness your energy and put a solid foundation in place to build upon (see triangle graphic below).

Over time, disuse results in the retardation of some important regions of the brain. Like muscles in our physical body atrophy with disuse, our brain energizes active realms, and the inactive regions go dormant.

That’s why these days, we need someone to tell us how many times to chew our food, how to get the sleep we need, and how to create clarity and focus.

For example, not so long ago, a key indicator of mental illness; chronic stress was an unusual occurrence. Now it’s common, considered the norm.

Although stress is rooted in external, environmental factors… It’s how you use your brain, that determines the effects of stress on your physical, emotional and mental health.

Ideally your attention is as much directed within as outward.

The solution lies in self connection, gathering energy in your core, knowing yourself well by harnessing body, mind and spirit. When you’re self connected, your cellular intelligence shifts into thrive mode. Empowering you to create and share your energy outward, because your energy is abundant enough to care for yourself well and there’s plenty to share with others. 

Your immune system (the unconscious domain of your brain and body) drives this process.

Here’s a simple diagram I use in my introductory workshops that illustrates the first principle of energy (and brain) management.

I bridge the two with a diagram of “Maslow’s Law Of Hierarchal Needs”. 

Restoring a harmonious relationship between the three domains of your brain, starts with self connection on the physical level, and meditation.

Developing the ability to manage your brain and your energy, to quickly shift from fight and flight into rest and digest… from reacting into regenerating… from exhaustion into renewal.

By circulating your energy well between your brain and body, you circulate energy between the 3 domains of your brain.

Unfortunately, the science of self connection and self empowerment isn’t factored into modern medicine, neuroscience, NLP or psychology. 

That’s because self empowerment has historically been reserved for those who need it.

The ruling classes, way back in the days of serfdom and agriculture. More recently for big business owners in the industrial and technology age. The social model was that the masses could manage well enough under the guidance of their economic and spiritual leaders, allowing the laborer to focus on their tasks at hand. The ruling class, through the King and Church provided suggested guidelines of how to think and behave for the economy and society to move along on their behalf. See: 12 Myth Busters To Empower The Neutered Yogi

Obviously, those days are gone. Those models consecutively hit critical mass, have become outdated, and our health, economies and environment are all suffering, as we collectively struggle to change our ways.. 

There’s an old saying “Being well adjusted in a sick society is not a true measure of health”. I don’t recall the author, and am not even sure I’ve quoted it exactly, but the concept as I read it resonated with me.

Especially when it comes to human potential and modern society’s zombie-like reliance on others to provide guidance. Guidance that is at odds with the truly ingenious answers we hold within.

The answers we need to move forward. Especially as entrepreneurs.

Reclaiming our personal sovereignty that can no longer be ceded to others. 

The interesting paradox, is that as we tap into our inner genius, we awaken a greater sense of harmony and common values that unite us with the greater whole. Self connection unites us with others more effectively than looking outside for answers from others.

So How Would I Know This, You Ask?

​ I’ve always been fascinated with the brain, and understanding human nature

My father was the foremost Brain Specialist it in the world in the 70’s. He was the 1st operator of the CT Scan, and ran the Neurology Departments of the University of Toronto, St. Michaels Hospital and Sunnybrook Teaching Hospital. He supposedly had the lowest mortality rates in the world back in his day.

Myself, one of my earliest memories as a wide eyed young girl, probably 5 or 6 was sitting on my bed at night with my nose pressed against the window, gazing up into the night sky at the stars and the void, wondering what life, death and infinity was all about. Who am I? What happens to “me” when I die? How can the universe be infinite?

I was avidly athletic, which fostered a belief I could do anything I set my mind to. And, although I found taking a rebel’s path, along with all the hard knocks that involves more appealing than a conventional path… eventually, I found my way battered and broken, to a path of brain education, healing and teaching, just like my Father.

The difference was, my chosen method was the Tao Healing Arts. I studied the philosophy from an experiential perspective, including meditation and qi-energy cultivation. My training and 7 year apprenticeship focused on how to use the brain most effectively in pursuit of health, happiness, peace and fulfilment. My Father’s emphasis of course, was on its technical function.

At first my Father was skeptical – indeed shocked I’d “fallen for that hogwash”! 

Over time though, he noticed I was able to change my habits, and key aspects of my character to align with my goals, pretty much because I wanted to.

Interestingly, while he knew as much or more than just about anyone on the planet ABOUT the brain, he seemed unable to CHANGE his.

One day, he brought this up, mentioning he was impressed by my transformation, and found it remarkable.

A few years later, I sent him a copy of a colleagues book, that included a chapter I’d written on the principles of brain management. 

It floored him. He couldn’t fault my layman theories, and said it gave him a new perspective.

After that he was asking me for tips to help him sleep, and soon after for methods to quieten his mind and meditate. Finally, a number of years later, he sought counsel for solace and peace, as he lost his faculties on his final journey… Eventually even a lion has to rest..

3 Principles Of Brain (& Energy) Management

These days, meditative practices such as yoga, qigong, meditation and the healing arts are becoming more mainstream. 

They empower us to cut through the noise to release stress, generate peace and harmony, and access creative inspiration.

Frankly, they are our only hope for the next stage of human evolution.

It’s reassuring to know these practices have principles underlying them, that are immutable.

They provide a reliable roadmap on your journey of health, happiness and fulfilment.

You can learn more about the starting point… and first Principle of Brain Management here: “Release Stress With Water Up – Fire Down Energy Circulation”

About the 2nd Principle: “As Physical Energy Builds, The Heart Opens and Mind Clears” here: “Want Less Strain, More Flow Through Your Day?”

And the 3rd Principle: Where Mind Goes, Energy Follows And Matter Forms” in my next article.

Are you ready to shift those “little bad habits” into empowered self expression?

Want to “Take Back Your Brain” so your actions are more aligned with your goals, and no longer conflicting

As lost opportunities from mornings and days roll into weeks, months and years, it can feel like a hamster wheel without end. Never quite breaking through petty habits and patterns that block your success.

I hope this article has planted the seed that your brain is on your side, rooting for you to thrive with every breath you take.

You just need to know how to use it well.




Scroll down and comment below if you have any questions or insights to share about self connection and empowerment

I read them all…