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Learning To Have Less Strain, More Flow From The Trees

Want Less Strain, More Flow Through The Day?

If so, take a lesson from this little grove of Douglas fir trees right behind me.

There are principles to developing flow.

The Tao healing arts is a discipline that makes a study of it, but all through life and all through nature, any kind of freedom comes from some form of resilience or discipline.

Tree of life
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In this case, as we explore the dynamics of strain and flow… and moving into a place of flow from strain, we can look to the principles of water up, fire down energy condition, which the trees exhibit beautifully.

Then, we’ll explore the principles of flexibility and resilience. Another important lesson from the tree.

Water up, fire down basically means drawing the fire energy from the sun down, and the water energy from the earth up, which energizes, nourishes and cools it to sustain itself well.

In humans, drawing the fire energy down into our belly’s optimizes our digestion, while warming the kidneys. The warmed kidneys send cool water energy up our back channel to cool our brain and optimize brain function.

So our gut is warm,(like compost) to break food down rapidly, extract nutrients and create physical energy efficiently.

Our brain is fresh, cool and clear to operate efficiently, without strain.

This exemplifies good, healthy circulation within people and within nature.

The next lesson from the tree is developing resilience and flexibility… 

With the Tao Healing Arts and, particularly, Qigong movement, we train ourselves to harness most of our physical power from the waist down. So, our legs are strong and stable, like the tree, providing a solid foundation to ground us.

We are light and relaxed from the waist up, to go with the flow and so our brain is also, relaxed, light, and agile.

You can see that exhibited by the roots, the trunk of the tree, the roots digging deep down into the ground holding it in place. Then the branches and the further up the tree you go, there’s this flow and this fluidity that takes place. It’s not too soft that it’s going to just crumble to the wind, fall over with the wind. It’s not so strong that it’s rigid, that it’s going to snap.

Finding that difference between flow with Qigong, the training of the body to be solid, strong, and stable (not tight or tense) from the waist down, rooted with power, and from the waist up light and flexible.

Then we don’t have neck and shoulder pain. Our brain muscles are conditioned along with our body so that they’re flexible and resilient, as well. If we have tight neck and shoulders or we’re holding the tension in our upper body, then the muscles in our brain go tight, too. I think we all know how that feels, even if we don’t understand the process behind it.

The moral here or the lesson here is to develop strong roots with your legs, your power, and make yourself nice and flexible from the waist up and you’ll be more resilient and more able to achieve flow state.

Like a Tao adept you’ll find you’re less affected or controlled by the daily situations that come up in running your business and managing your life.


Trust your brain, stand tall and build a business you’re proud of!

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