Is Your Energy Too Depleted To Grow Your Business? - Heart Drum Beat
How to cut through the overwhelm

Is Your Energy Too Depleted To Grow Your Business?

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Every entrepreneur, coach and healer wants to generate enough power and flow to build a profitable business!

Only a few know the secrets to maintain it.

And for overworked entrepreneurs maintaining momentum from a relaxed state of being can seem  more like a mirage on the horizon. Continually slipping out of reach.

So what exactly is flow, and what does it have to do with power?

By its very nature, “flow” is dynamic. Characterized by energy flowing freely through a channel.

For an entrepreneur, this means directing your energy to flow freely from your brain, through your business to your market.

For an energy healer or coach, it’s the same. Directing energy through your mind and words /or body to your client.

The flow of energy is a transformative bridge, creating material form and tangible outcomes from your mind and your ideas.

Manifesting something desirable or beneficial out of nothing. Distributing it to your market (client) efficiently. That’s the definition of entrepreneurship!

It’s like water gathering from brooks and streams into a river – building momentum and carving pathways of least resistance as it flows to the sea…

Being able to circulate big energy to attract and deliver value to clients is essential to our business success.

As big energy circulates back through revenue, referrals and repeat business, it also informs our health, happiness, and peace. Providing us with meaningful purpose and a sense of value, belonging and fulfilment.

The caveat is that we need to have enough energy to share. And the ability to remain clear and focused on our priorities.

If your physical energy is weak, or your mind is too scattered to direct it efficiently, your primitive brain will recognize that as a vulnerability and will lock you into survival mode (or protection mode).

If you get locked into survival mode, your brain will prevent you from sharing your energy until you have enough to share.

It’s all a simple matter of energy management. Taking control of your brain, your body, and your business.

I say it’s simple, because energy management is as natural to our being as the blood that flows through our veins.

It’s conscious behavior that is naturally produced when your system is integrated

Instead of unconsciously pushing yourself harder than your system can sustain (which is fear-based behavior and ultimately counterproductive).

The best way to activate your conscious mind and build this higher form of integrity is taking a holistic approach to empower your inner game.

Using proven methods that re-align you with the principles that govern all nature.

Mastering your inner game, so you are healthy, focused and on point in your life and business…