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How to Harness the Power of Heaven and Earth for High Performance

Have you ever imagined how fulfilling your life would be if you could harness the energy of the cosmos? How would you use your power?

Since your energy is directed by your mind, it’s an interesting fact that it’s the 1st step that most people miss; setting a goal that fulfills you, while providing the lifestyle you really want.

Getting intentional is vital to your well being because it makes the difference between directing your energy to create the life you want, or mindlessly allowing it to scatter to either be used by others or often worse, for nothing at all.

The Importance Of Meaning & Purpose

Stress isn’t the only mainstream killer in our modern day lifestyle. Not having a meaningful purpose is at the root of anxiety, isolation, depression and addiction. Unfortunately, it’s not taught in school or most homes, even though it’s at the heart of personal wellbeing and fulfilment.

Engaging in life with a clearly defined purpose that challenges you to grow and “step up” drives your focus inward to build skills, capacity and self esteem.

The drive and self expression it creates informs a cellular intelligence, and the all important shift in perspective from surviving to thriving. 

In my practice I see more and more people complaining about chronic pain. Many are harboring deep resentments against the people, situations or systems they find themselves trapped in. As their mind darkens and shrinks inward with pain or resentment, their energy and influence shrinks as well…  It’s a common mistake to hold others responsible for one’s lack of happiness, freedom, money or fulfillment and very disempowering.

It’s a tough situation, that’s more apparent with age, as arthritis (which we call the anger disease) sets in, freezing the physical range of motion as surely as the brain’s neural networks become entrenched into mental limitations and frayed coping mechanisms.

Many young people have another issue, that comes from the same root (stress and lack of meaningful purpose). It tends to show up as depression, lethargy and a conscious awareness they don’t know how to focus or feel balanced.

The cure lays with integrated practices that focus first on strengthening the body, which builds courage and trust (trusting yourself). With courage, it’s more enticing to look within and “dare to dream”.

Next step is to turn the mind within to get clear and focused on what you want. By setting goals, even small ones and achieving them self esteem unfolds which builds faith and brings even more confidence. Especially if there is a new skill or activity involved. 

Setting Goals

It’s important to keep it real and start where you are. Releasing stress by restoring “Water Up / Fire Down” energy condition, becoming more active and/ or eating healthier can be important first steps. Soon after, if you continue on the path of guided introspection, deeper yearnings start to surface… such as improving relationships, taking on leadership roles or even spearheading a new business or social enterprise.

It’s amazing how quickly and completely transformation take place by focusing on your inner game this way. The simple truth is, energy is power.  It’s also neutral, and goes where it is directed. “Where mind goes energy flows”. It’s happening all the time whether consciously or buried under layers (of busy-ness, fear and confusion) on deep subconscious realms.

Think of your mind as heaven (the energy of the sun) and your body as earth (physical, material) By harnessing your mind and building energy into a strong physical foundation, you generate power and can learn mindfulness methods to direct it efficiently with less effort expended.

This is the essence of Tao Training practices. In true form it includes Meditation, Brain Education, 5 Element Theory, Chakra Training & Meridian Exercises as well as Qi Gong, and elements of Martial Arts. Qi Yoga and Qi Gong practices are not complete without the philosophy and mindfulness techniques that integrate it all together. There’s a depth underlying these integrated movements that brings true Mastery of the cosmos, and alignment with Universal Laws.

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So What’s In The Way?

The Information age, which has provided us with advanced technology and comfort, can also clutter our minds and separate us from our physical bodies, our true inner nature and our connection to the natural environment of the earth.   

Over time that clutter darkens the mind and becomes heavy, congesting the heart and fatiguing the physical body.  In this way, we can have a lot of great information, but we think and rationalize too much, becoming disconnected from our true power which is grounded in the physical body and humanity and expressed through a clear mind and open and compassionate heart.

Only by regularly releasing the burdens of your daily tasks, the endless chatter on the surface of your mind or the constant demands to meet the needs of others, can you return to the present moment to empower your inner essence and grow your “center of influence”.

It’s essential to take time, turn your mind inward and awaken that deeper connection to the rhythm of life and your essence… your true nature.  To find someone who can effectively guide you step by step for deep physical, emotional and spiritual integrative transformation is rare and a golden opportunity.

This is also the gateway to restoring your creativity, humanity and contributing to a better world, in your home, community and wider. Picture yourself with your physical body energized, your mind crystal clear, power emanating outward from your core. How would you use it?

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