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Is Your Brain Your Biggest Obstacle?

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Do you go to bed at night, resolved to wake up focused and productive?

Only to find you’re getting pulled in different directions, before noon rolls around once again? As time goes by, it can feel pretty demoralizing, and even become a source of shame.

There’s some bad information rolling around, that it’s because your primitive brain is working against you . It couldn’t be further from the truth.

Today we’re going to myth bust this common belief as a total fallacy.

Replace it with the knowledge and confidence to get back in alignment and trust your brain.

The good news is your brain still wants you to grow and achieve fulfilment.

I get it. It’s challenging to stay focused on your priorities and impact projects, when you have a lot of demands and distractions pulling you in different directions.

Especially when you are developing new skills that stretch you out of your comfort zone…

And if you’re also locked into a habitual distraction cycle – it takes more than resolve to break free and get focused. It takes a different approach.

The solution is counter-intuitive. It’s all about trusting your brain and working smarter instead of harder.

You know you are capable and have a desire, skill and talent. Otherwise you would never have chosen an entrepreneurial path.

So what’s really in the way of making your impact, or achieving the time, money, relationship or lifestyle freedom you want?

There’s a lot of disempowering information being circulated about the brain that deserves serious myth-busting. Especially what everyone’s saying about the primitive brain.

Don’t believe them. It’s a dangerous myth that will gut your confidence.

Popular theory is that because the primitive, reptilian domain of the human brain is wired for survival on the physical plain (which is TRUE), its agenda conflicts with the emotional, and analytical domains you rely upon for relationships and achievement (FALSE).

The problem of believing this misinformation is threefold:

  1. The message is disempowering.
  2. It fosters confusion, encouraging dependence on others.
  3. It separates you from yourself, your intuition, and higher wisdom

When your energy is scattered, it is weak and misdirected. Your cellular intelligence locks you into survival mode and your energy remains dispatched outward in fight or flight, to either control or protect you from the environment.

Not because your primitive brain (brain stem) is working against your goals… but because it’s telling  you that you need to take a step back. Stop scattering your energy and get a solid foundation in place to build upon.

So quit struggling by pushing yourself harder. Choose to trust your brain, and regroup using these three steps.

If you do, your primitive brain will tell your cellular intelligence that it is safe to shift out of survive mode and into thrive mode because your basic needs are cared for and you have energy to spare. Thrive mode allows you to circulate your energy widely without leaving you depleted. See: How To Shift From “Survive” To “Thrive”

Ok so here’s the 3 steps

1. Put your health first. You do this by empowering your core.

So your immune system is strong and your stress response is under control.

2. Get clear and focused on your priorities

This gives you the ability to claim your square and create healthy boundaries that align you with your desired outcomes.

3. Harness your mind and energy to leverage your results.

Where the mind goes, energy follows. This step allows you to interruption proof your workspace and move with an economy of motion, to double your impact with less effort

Whether you want to adopt a morning ritual to energize your day, improve productivity by eliminating distractions, or be more patient and present in your relationships…

Following these simple steps will empower you to trust your brain, stand tall and build a business you’re proud of.