Does Stress Keep You Awake At Night? - Heart Drum Beat

Are you tired through the day and lying helplessly awake at night?

Do you long for the vitality to jump out of bed and seize the day with joy and enthusiasm? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the tips in this article can help you quieten your mind and take back the night.

Sleeping disorders are common outcomes of our modern day life-style habits. Going without the sleep you need, undermines your work performance, relationships and creative expression.

Left unchecked, it unfolds into chronic neck and shoulder pain, poor digestion, weight gain and obliterates your immune system.

Because sleeplessness is rooted in your lifestyle habits, it takes resolve to turn it around. That said, the solutions are really very simple. A few simple tweaks to your routine will break through this cycle of frustration for once and for all:


Water Up/ Fire Down

If you really want to release stress, you should know there are principles at work behind healthy body – healthy mind that reach far deeper than the vitality you get from cycling, running trails or even doing most modern versions of yoga.

Learning about the 1st principle, “Water Up – Fire Down” will introduce you to exercises and lifestyle habits that release stress and restore your vitality

According to this principle, warm fire energy, produced in your heart, should travel down to your abdomen. Cool water energy, produced in your kidneys should travel upward through an energy channel along your spine.  Good health is characterized by a warm belly, which is good for your digestion and abdominal organs, and a cool head, equated with a clear mind.

Negative health consequences come with reversed energy circulation.  When the energy center in your lower abdomen is weak, it’s hard to hold fire energy in your abdomen.  Poor stress management constricts the chest and forces fire energy back up toward the head. 

Symptoms of this reversed energy flow include a warm head, a cloudy mind, headaches, irregular digestion, anxious thoughts, shoulder tension, lower back and joint pain… and is the primary instigator underlying insomnia, lethargy, depression and disease.


Toe Tapping

Toe Tapping is a simple exercise that is highly effective for relieving headaches, insomnia, tension, and fatigue. It also works for lower back pain and releasing tension from your hip joints.

“Toe Tapping” restores a state of “Water Up, Fire Down” in your body by bringing fire energy down from your upper body into your lower body and core, so that your mind becomes calm and your body relaxed.

This exercise stimulates the acupressure points in your feet, which connect to your entire body, making your whole body refreshed and rejuvenated. “Toe Tapping” improves blood, oxygen, and energy circulation throughout your body, adds a healthy glow to your skin and more smoothness in your joints.

If you take just 10 minutes every night to do “Toe Tapping” before you go to sleep, you’ll sleep deeply, have better rest, and wake up energized and ready to go.


Settling Your Mind

It is challenging to quiet your mind using your will alone. This is why Taoist methods use the brain to train the body and the body to train the brain. Your energy system is the conduit as it forms the bridge of communication between the two.

It is best to start with the exercises like the ones above to release stress and settle your mind. That said, deeper healing requires the ability to settle your mind, manage your time and energy well and clear your conscious.

This involves meditation, which gives you the capacity to gently lower your brain waves and gradually train your brain and your body to do as you command. I always start my students with Dynamic Meditations to open the energy and release stress as they systematically learn to cultivate mastery.

Meditative movements are deeper than contemplative static meditations have more integrative properties and are MUCH more enjoyable to learn.

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