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Align Business Success with Freedom of Time, Money & Impact TODAY!

✔️ Increase REVENUE
✔️ With Less EFFORT

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In this e-book, I’ll be sharing:

1. The seven freedoms entrepreneurs want to achieve, to feel happy, fulfilled, and complete.

2. The very first thing needed to unlock and open the pathways to the 7 freedoms effortlessly.

3. How to quickly achieve the “3-letter” freedom and transition from scattering the serious entrepreneur’s biggest assets – mind, time and energy.


Gain the clarity and focus to shift business to the next level by empowering from within — physically, mentally, and intellectually.  

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Hello I’m Arrow Gonsalves, The Visionary’s Guide”

I’ve been empowering entrepreneurs to build businesses and non-profits they love by harnessing their health, time & energy through my leadership training systems since 2003.

I am a Master Trainer in the Tao leadership arts, a bestselling author, and multiple TEDx Conferences “Audience Energizer.”

I’ve always been self-employed, bootstrapping. I started in the financial markets at 21 as an account executive, became a sales manager with the largest recruiting firm in Canada by 27- and enjoyed 17 years wholesaling high-end native art jewelry from the southwest- before devoting myself to this – supporting visionaries.

Managing my own businesses- led me to unify my Leadership Training Systems with my Business Planning and Productivity Systems. This union has resulted in the ultimate planning and energy management system available in the world today! 

I call my 5 step training system, “Leadership Energetics.” 

Through it, I’ve produced over a dozen programs and countless events. They have changed the way thousands of driven visionaries are managing their businesses, time, and energy- enjoying more free time with the people and activities they love. 

>> Yes, I Want To Attain My Freedom Now!



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