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Finding Freedom Through The Clarity You Seek

Could you use more clarity in life or business?

For most entrepreneurs, the answer to this is always YES! Even when you’ve got your thumb on the pulse, it comes and goes in waves.

And, if you don’t have reliable methods to stay on point, clear and focused, any goals of entrepreneurial freedom will remain illusive.

Mastering it makes navigating the four phases of entrepreneurship a lot less complicated, more seamless… and rewarding.

Whether you are:

  1. A startup figuring it out,
  2. In a growth period, working through a tangle of complexity, 
  3. At the leverage and scale phase where you need new models – and to fortify your infrastructure
  4. Approaching legacy phase, figuring out what’s most meaningful for you and your next phase of life.

Each phase of entrepreneurship requires new skills and mindsets… and new levels of clarity. Expanding beyond personal limitations… “going meta” with each stage, until you’re like an eagle, with the mental (minds eye) equivalent of 20/5 vision. Four times better than our main of 20/20.

It’s interesting to note that eagles also fly higher than any other bird, so their scope is wide. A golden eagle can see a mouse move through a field from 2 miles away, and identify another eagle from 50 miles away.

Ironically, the slower an eagle flies… the harder they have to work. Sound familiar? It certainly does for me.

With all the skills and effort it takes to build a successful business, the most important measurement of business success is the aspect most often pushed aside and easily overlooked in planning and day to day operations…

… And that’s your big why. WHY are you building your business?

The right answer is entrepreneurial freedom. Whether freedom of time, money, impact, or all three. To live life on your own terms. To be healthy, happy, productive and fulfilled for all your effort.

The sad truth is, if you overlook entrepreneurial freedom in your planning processes, you are likely to miss it entirely. Which is not only tragic, but all too common. I can’t tell you the number of hard working, driven entrepreneurs that have sought my guidance because they’ve sacrificed their health, relationships and happiness in pursuit of business success. Definitely the majority.

Somewhere along the way, they forgot what they started their businesses for in the first place. Even their finances suffer when they barrel through a few divorces, their health fails or inner light dims.

The solution is counterintuitive

Instead of sacrificing your health and relationships and mercilessly denying yourself to achieve business success… Entrepreneurial freedom should be the pivotal point. The fulcrum around which your entire business strategy evolves.

It should be the centripetal force, (axis) that informs your every action.

Starting with self care, relationships and personal growth which are your highest lifetime value activities.

Then, to clarify your values (including collective family and/or team values), and personal principles.

Placing “YOU at the center of  your life and business growth.

Building your “center of influence”, to stand tall and build a life and business you’re proud of. Not your business (or it will consume you).

The centrifugal (outward) force, starts with your highest value business activities. Getting clear and focused on your productivity, Differentiating your important (likely not urgent) projects, from your less important (likely more urgent) tasks. Prioritizing them accordingly in your day, and delegating what you can.

Clarity and focus are the natural bi-products, as well as the route to developing the characteristics of an eagle. Moving with an economy of motion, and creating success in life and business.

If you feel disconnected from the lifestyle goals and reasons that you’re starting your business for in the first place. It’s not as complicated to get on point as you may think. An afternoon of focused introspection will save you years, if not decades of frustration.

Simplify, With Each Stage Of Evolution

Each phase of growth calls for a shift in mindset

That requires not just clarity and focus, but simplification. The mind needs to become adept at change and be agile, toned, so it’s not too strong and not to soft, to skillfully navigate all the shifts in habit, outlook, and approach it needs to grow.

You can expect periods of confusion (cognitive dissonance), as well worn neural networks detach and your new ideas are searching to forge new connections that work in the practical world.

Unfortunately, it’s those periods of confusion that prevent most entrepreneurs from moving forward. Because it feels like a loss of control, and no-one likes feeling stupid.

But if you keep pushing forward without stopping to strategize… and align your entrepreneurial freedoms, you may find that instead of moving forward, you are actually backing yourself into a corner of complexity and unconscious behavior.

So, with each stage of growth and change, make time to pause. Turn your mind within. Clarify what you want from this next phase and how to align it with the entrepreneurial freedoms you started your business for.

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