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building resilience

Tao Of The River… Cultivating ENERGY, Resilience & Flow

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Want Less Strain, More Flow Through The Day?

Do you get locked into cycles of strain where you’re pushing so hard that you lose the flow, the synchronicity?

Other times, you’re twice as effective with less effort.

Today I’m sharing a couple of Taoist techniques and some lessons from the river, to release strain and reactivate flow state.

​You can use the energy of the river or other elements such as wind, trees, and the earth to help you take back control of your brain and your energy and your life.

There are times strain helps us build resilience…

I  often cycle a circuitous route down to the Puntledge River on my way too or from my office and studio. Autumn’s always an exciting time of year here on Vancouver Island, as the salmon are running and there’s always plenty to see and enjoy.

Not long ago, I was down there, watching a few ducks. 

building resilience

They’re in kind of a protected spot, so they can be somewhat relaxed and they’re facing upstream. This helps them build resilience in a relaxed state of being, it strengthens them.

Sometimes we need some push or some resistance to create resilience within us. And resilience is a very important component of flow because it provides you with the confidence that you can relax and kind of let stress roll off, like water off a duck, I like to say. See: Release Stress With Water Up – Fire Down Energy Circulation

Every now and then one breaks away and floats down the river for a bit.

Other times it’s important to relax and release and just let things run their course. You can take lessons from the ducks by observing how they harness the energy of the elements around them to thrive in all sorts of circumstances.

Release first, then rejuvenate… 

This is something we can do. If we are stressed and strained, we need to release it before trying to harness fresh energy.

You can go to the river, turn your back to the current, relax your mind, and allow the sounds, the energy of the river to flow through you and carry your strain downstream.

Then you want to strengthen after you release. That’s very important.

You do that by turning towards the current, allowing the force of the oncoming stream to strengthen you. It works standing along the river bank, if it’s not convenient to actually get in the river

So, that’s my tip today. And I’d love to hear how you use that. You can use this technique with the wind as well. You can use that with all sorts of different elements. See: The Tao Of The Mountain… How To Harness Great Energy.

Next week, I’ll share how to have less strain, more flow- with some lessons from the trees.

Of course, water is related to releasing, so it’s ideal. It’s very cleansing and purifying. The sound and the energy and the power of the water can release and strengthen energy very easily… you can even do it in the shower.



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