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Breaking Stereotypes To Achieve Entrepreneurial Freedom

12 Myth Busters To Empower The Neutered Yogi

Breaking Stereotypes To Achieve Entrepreneurial Freedom

Ever wonder WHY people seeking self realization and spiritual enlightenment – get labeled as woo-woo?

Yet, we’re encouraged to revere thought leaders like Einstein, Nietzsche, Jung, Lao Tzu, Jesus Christ and the Dalai Lama. All whom are at a safe arms distance. All blessed with superior abilities… that are supposedly beyond our reach.

What’s woo-woo about courageously pioneering frontiers of human potential and consciousness in pursuit of peace, evolution and higher understanding?

Entrepreneurs have a lot in common with yogis, which is why I choose to specialize in supporting the cause. We’re creating value out of thin air. Striving for self mastery fueled by our belief in self and our will power. Achieving success through trial and error.  

Often our friends, family and society, don’t get WHY we’d put ourselves out into the void (chasing a dream) with such determination. 

And there’s plenty of misinformation around what informs balance, ambition and drive. 

It’s neutered empowerment out of spirituality, with scorn and stigma.

I think the root of the stigmatism carries over from ancient serfdom, when the ruling class conformed, and the uneducated peasantry was superstitious…

And more recently, the industrial age. When everything revolved around systems and measurements to streamline advancing technology and harness human capital.

The Industrial Age

Was an era of big business. We created collective goals – to improve our quality of life and get an edge in international markets. In Asian cultures, this is called “one mind”.

Families migrated in from their farms and villages, gathering into big urban hubs. Eager for a paycheck and modern conveniences… education for their kids, health care and retirement pensions.

We built a human river of technological advancement. Anyone who couldn’t get in the river and contribute, was pushed off to the side. Often out of the home, to be cared for by various institutions.

In return we were assured a decent standard of living. A society where everyone’s basic needs would be met for life.

Productivity was systemized. Jobs were broken into little tiny roles to optimize every movement isometrically within the greater whole. Just like the inner workings of a Swiss watch.

Instead of using a wide range of skills, roles at work and home shrank into limited, repetitive routines.

Because of this our range of motion shrank physically, emotionally and intellectually. Becoming limited in comparison.

We didn’t need to think to deeply for ourselves, because everything was laid out for us to follow, in order to thrive… Including how to look, dress, act and think.

As we hit critical mass, it was no longer sustainable. Socially, economically, nor environmentally.

We all knew change was looming large on the horizon.

The Information Age

Is shifting us away from big business towards a wide open market, with infinite possibility.

Suddenly, we need to be independent, creative, and well organized. Agile and adaptable, with a wide range of motion.

Able to zoom out to stay connected to our priorities and zoom in to manage the details.

Navigating this shift demands a 180 degree turnaround in perspective:

  1. From yang:  Looking outward and at each other – for every cue in character, thought and behavior.
  2.  Into yin: Looking inward to our essence –  for clarity and focus, meaningful purpose, and creative inspiration.

We built computers, to make life even easier, and delegated industry out to the third world.

Suddenly, instead of a river of industry, we found ourselves on an information highway. Racing to keep up with the speed of change, and all the new demands on our time and energy.

Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs are trying to go meta, while firmly  weighed down by a “job mindset”. Task oriented, trading time for money, and confusing busy-ness with productivity. Working harder instead of smarter. 

As the economy shifts, school hours no longer match our work hours, and our family members with extra needs? They’ve gradually been returning home, requiring care.

Stress became a “thing”. Originally categorized as a sign of mental illness when it surfaced in the 80’s, it soon became the norm.

Actually, 85% of modern day illness is stress related (or psychosomatic)!

To move forward we have to find new models, manage our energy well. Changing old information and perspectives that no longer serve us.

Get creative and resilient, instead of reactive.

The Self Connection Age

These days, meditative practices such as yoga, qigong and the healing arts are becoming more mainstream. 

They empower us to rise above the noise to release stress, generate peace and harmony, and access creative inspiration.

Frankly, they are our only hope for the next stage of human evolution.

The small business owner is at the forefront of the new economy. Freelancers, small businesses, healers, coaches and online academies are surfacing en masse, to replace the archaic institutions that no longer meet our needs or lifestyles. 

To create sustainable ecosystems in our own lives, our families, communities and the world, entrepreneurs need strong internal guidance systems

The challenge is to free ourselves of old beliefs and work styles. Re-examine our values and principles.

To claim our square, stand tall and build businesses we are proud of. 

We do this through self connection and self mastery. Managing our energy well.

Self-connection meets you where you are. Guides you step by step into a wiser, more courageous, and proactive you.

It’s a highly dynamic process that emerges from within. It’s cellular, brightening you from the inside out.

I’ve been training thought leaders to create success in life and business since 2003. 

While it’s obvious there are opposing opinions about energy cultivation,… Ironically, the exact same chasm exists in religion, education and medicine.

One perspective builds our bridge forward into the future we all desire. 

The other is an old shell, blinding us like a shedding snake. Most recently causing people to lash out at the slightest impasse, in impatience, self-protection and fury.

Crossing the chasm requires taking a counterintuitive approach.

So, I’m going to reveal my insights on this through this series: “12 Myth Busters to Empower the Neutered Yogi”.

Together, we’ll examine the difference between: Power and control, apathy and acceptance, compassion and sentimentality.

 We’ll redefine healthy balance, drive, value and compensation, self control and energy management.

All through the lens of balancing Yin and Yang, and expressing our True Self. 

Shed that old snake skin, to move forward with fresh eyes. Creating success in life and business.

I hope you join me for these 12 Myth Busters to Empower the Neutered Yogi. If you aren’t already part of my community, hit the button below to receive it. 



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