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The Ultimate Vision Plan

So, you ask yourself…

“How can I achieve entrepreneurial freedom and have the income, impact and joy I want in my business…

…if I’m chained to my desk and a mountain of tasks?”

The solution is simple yet counterintuitive.

You need to create a plan to grow your business in a way that values your time and energy, eliminates chaos and confusion, and brings your “A-Game” forward, so your business serves your LIFE!

… Instead of your LIFE serving your business…

My clients have done it.

If you look closely, you’ll see that this is exactly what all the successful entrepreneurs do.

They engineer their business to provide a lifestyle they love, and they have a simple strategy to get there by leveraging their time, energy and results.

The results?

  • They are liberated from the chaos, confusion and low-level tasks that once entrapped them.
  • They are clear and focused on scalability and impact.
  • They position themselves for entrepreneurial freedom.

Now, let me ask you another question …

What if you can eliminate the energy traps and endless tasks that hold you back – in less than a day? What would it do for you?

You see…

Most successful leaders and entrepreneurs have developed the ability to 10X, 20X, even 50x their results in the same 24 hour day, through systems using the same core principles we teach in the Tao Leadership Arts.

They’ve won over chaos, distractions, and menial tasks.

So how do they do it?

They start with focused self connection to create a clear vision and objective for their business and lives.

Then, they get focused on achieving it strategically.  Without activities that sap their energy, without distraction, and without buying bright shiny objects.

They do this in the easiest, fastest, least expensive way possible,

They organize their health, lifestyle and business to support their vision, instead of sacrificing one, for the other.

As a Master Trainer in the Tao Healing Arts since 2003, mentor and lifelong entrepreneur who’s all about having a clear vision and focus, I’ve developed the most integrated system available today. It’s a proven system that works.

It’s based on focused self connection and energy management to achieve the 7 Entrepreneurial Freedoms.

It’s called the “SMART Entrepreneur Empowerment System”.

What if you could use these exact systems

to get the clarity and focus to grow your business?

Here’s precisely how you can do it…


The Ultimate Vision Plan

For 7 Entrepreneurial Freedoms

Develop a Clear and Focused – Business and Lifestyle Strategy

Ultimate Vision Plan is a proven and tested system to provide your life and business with clear direction and meaning…

All geared towards winning in every aspect of life and achieving the 7 Entrepreneurial Freedoms you truly deserve.

This course includes:

Guided Visualizations

To quickly implement and integrate into your life and business. Start your process of envisioning and mapping your pattern of success to achieve each level of entrepreneurial freedom and business growth.

Strategic Planning System

It includes everything you need to gain clarity, focus, and direction to grow a thriving business while developing a develop a better lifestyle, step by step. Get the exact techniques, strategies, and frameworks to help you succeed and flourish — more simply and easily and in less time.

Daily, Weekly And Monthly Planners

Fast track your business success using these simple productivity planners. Your 5-minute daily success plan will likely be one of your favourite and most rewarding rituals. Experience the magic of simplicity, clarity and flow.

Daily Gratitude Journal And Vision Declaration

Activate a success mindset, the ability to zoom out on an emotional level, and stay clear and focused on your ultimate vision for yourself and your business, no matter what setbacks or distractions come your way.


Review and renew your plans as often as you wish to get traction, build momentum, and watch your freedoms unfold!

Raving Visionary Reviews

Martino Pedotti

“I find the Ultimate Vision Plan program to be the perfect blend of techniques and practices to genuinely tap into my inner purpose and channel it towards action through structured thinking tools, like the daily success card.  

Like all Heart Drum Beat programs, the Ultimate Vision Plan nurtures healthy body, mind and spirit through holistic and deeply integrative approaches.

After completing the program for myself, I shared it with my husband for our couple’s visioning and we really appreciate its application to our family life as well as individually!”

Nancy Gothard

“UVP is a very simple and effective tool for harnessing, growing and trusting my creativity and intuition for what is possible with my life. I really appreciate the physical warmups prior to getting into the visioning exercise; I find them effective and grounding.

Additionally, the gentle and comprehensive explanations help guide me through the visioning exercise without overthinking it.

The Ultimate Vision Plan provides easeful and mindful focus for planning and moving forward to build the life of my dreams. I recommend this program to others as it provides tangible results”

Tree Murdock

“Can your business survive without a clear and focused VISION PLAN?”

And now, you’re probably thinking…

“Okay, Arrow, I now see how the “Ultimate Vision Plan” can genuinely transform my life and business…

But how much is it?”

Say YES to investing in your freedom.

If You Designate Just An Afternoon

(Or Only 1 Hour A Day – For 5 Days)

to “Your Ultimate Vision Plan”…


You Will Have A System In Place That Will Save You Years – Possibly Even Decades – of Frustration:

  • Start each day “clear, focused, and on-point.
  • Transcend chaos and confusion.
  • Stop exhausting yourself with menial tasks (and neglecting  important projects).
  • Eliminate distractions and activities that sap your energy.
  • Conquer shiny object syndrome.
  • Create healthy boundaries.
  • Make time for self-care.
  • Complete your projects.
  • Build your network.
  • Grow your capacity.
  • Improve your relationships by being more present and available.
  • Enjoy more quality time with your family, friends, and favorite activities.

Here’s How You’ll Get Instant Access…

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Your Trainer…

Arrow Gonsalves

The Visionary’s Guide

Master Trainer, Master Healer, TEDx Presenter, International Bestselling Author

Empowering entrepreneurs to build profitable businesses, by mastering their inner game through ancient eastern practices.

 …Since 2003

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