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Portals To Clarity

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Is a lack of clarity creating unnecessary complexity  in your business?

If yes, it’s helpful to know you are not alone. It happens to everyone on a growth path.

Concepts gain complexity when we shift our ideas into action. It’s a skill to keep everything (especially your mind), simple, clear and focused.

The key is to reign it into a clear and focused path forward.

Just like an ancient eastern metaphor, where it’s said; the moon (your heart), quietly longs for the gaze of her lover, the sun (your spirit) to return.

Clarity is waiting for you to pause and turn your mind within.

Today, I’ll share 3 paths, or portals to clarity. They work fast. I encourage every entrepreneurs to see opening these portals as a rite of passage. All three are necessary for personal fulfillment and success in life and business.

They harness your mind within the creative void of endless possibilities, opportunities and what if’s.

Each gets you centered and connected in a unique way, for your brain to function as designed… generating clear and focused solutions.

Today, I’m sharing one portal to clarity for each of your three treasures: body, mind and spirit. They facilitate self connection, and used well – build your center of influence in every aspect of life and business.



Three Portals To Clarity

Meditate… And Get Strategic

Getting strategic starts with listening to your heart and getting clear about what you want in life and from your business.

Meditation ensures your direction is centered around what you truly want. Not what others say or think you should aspire to.

Most people work hard all their lives, with only fleeting glimmers of peace and fulfilment. 

How would you and your life look and feel if everything was perfect. 

As you meditate on it, you’ll probably be surprised that what you visualize is not what you’d expect, and totally achievable.

Then, get strategic about aligning your business success with your lifestyle goals (so you don’t sacrifice one for the other), and develop your “Ultimate Vision Plan” to achieve it.

Creating timelines and markers in business and life to align them.  Also See: Finding Freedom Through The Clarity You Seek…

Build Your Physical Vitality

Did you know, when your muscles are tight through your body, they tighten in your brain as well, constricting energy (and information) flow.

And, multitasking burns more calories than your brain will tolerate. As your brain heats up, it starts shutting down in self protection to cool.

To restore clarity and energy flow it’s important to recognize the signs and learn how to manage your energy well.


  1. Releasing stress and tension, restoring your parasympathetic system to a relaxed state of rest and digest
  2. Strengthening your physical body, through a nutrient rich diet and building your vitality.
  3. Brightening your body, mind and spirit to a clear state of agile awareness.

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Connect To  Nature

Spending time in nature naturally awakens a yearning within for self connection and deeper understanding.

We have a wonderful symbiotic relationship with our surroundings that goes well beyond exchanging physical energy. We benefit simply by spending time outside.

I spend a lot of time by or in the water, up in the mountains and out in the woods.

I notice it sharpens all my senses, my sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. I notice little nuances of light in the leaves, and see and hear tiny stirrings when a creature is near. And everything tastes better.

You can take this sense of self connection to an entirely different level when you get intentional. 

I call on different elemental energies all the time for wisdom, clarity and solutions. See my article: The Tao of The Mountain – How to Harness GREAT Energy

Next time you’re out in nature and a yearning for connection comes up, take pause and quietly explore what comes up. With practice you’ll find a few favorite nooks and notice your own portals to clarity emerge.