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How To Discern Between Apathy & Acceptance

Myth Buster #1: Just Be …?

How To Discern Between Apathy and Acceptance

When someone advises you to “just be” as a blanket solution to  life’s challenges… do you ever think its a tad apathetic?

You may be right. There is a lot of misunderstanding around acceptance. User (and trainer) interpretations can be very subjective.

Cultivating an attitude of acceptance and non-attachment is at the core of all yogic practices.

As driven entrepreneurs we must resolve this question to create success in life and business

So, how do we differentiate between apathy and acceptance? How should we integrate it into our business growth and daily life?

First, it’s important to understand the nature of ambition and drive, because it governs our perspective

Meaning and Purpose

Everything in nature has a purpose.

Life forms evolve by gathering and converting one form of energy into another.

Harnessing raw energy to build vitality, directing it through information to create a particular outcome.

Whether that information is genetic, experiential, or intellectual matters not.

The entity fulfills its purpose by circulating the converted energy outward within its ecosystem, offering value.

As energy gathers to critical mass during each stage of evolution, there’s a cycle of death and birth informing the process. We call it the chaos/creativity cycle.

As an entrepreneur we need to master the chaos/creativity cycle, because we are on a continuous trajectory of growth and change.

This is where we need the wisdom to relinquish control, let go of what no longer serves and just be.

For example, a seed needs to let go of its shell (and no longer exist) to become a sprout. Intensity builds to the point its no longer tolerable, and the transition point is chaotic.

Fighting it to avoid the discomfort – is a waste of energy and counterproductive.

Humans are unique because we choose our purpose, and to some extend our environment.

Its no understatement to say choosing a meaningful purpose and pursuing it is the root of human fulfilment.

The more effectively we harness energy, and convert it into vitality and resilience… the more confident we are to choose our own direction, and the higher we tend to aim.

Value and Belonging

Over decades I’ve guided thousands of driven individuals on a path of self mastery through my systems, workshops and programs..

I’ve guided them through just about every scenario you can imagine to feel fulfilled; conquering self doubt and limiting beliefs, chronic stress, overwhelm, lethargy, navigating unhealthy relationship dynamics… and sometimes; healing from abuse, PTSD and depression.

There’s no doubt in my mind, to feel fulfilled, the main determinant has shown itself to be having a sense of purpose and to be of value. The caveat is, to feel valued we must create value.

People confuse being valued with belonging. We all belong here on earth. As does the grass, mountains, birds, and bees. That awakening can be a critical starting point for many who feel alone, unappreciated, and unworthy.

To feel like we belong we need to create or find a community to circulate our energy within to express our purpose.

To align with our purpose after choosing it, we must change our perspectives and sometimes our environment to create the right conditions to achieve our objectives.

For many this means changing deep preconceptions and rewiring their cellular intelligence physically, emotionally and intellectually.

  1. Shifting away from reaction mode. Insatiably seeking approval by people pleasing / or adversely, trying to control the external environment (and everyone in it), instead of themselves.
  2. Shifting into creation mode. Creating meaningful purpose to share their energy with others in beneficial ways, offering value.

Our environment matters

  1. It must provide the energy and nutrients support our quest.
  2. It must require what we have to offer

Apathy vs. Acceptance

People without purpose often become too dependent on others to tell them how to think, dress, talk and behave.

That’s either because large pockets of society discourage independent behavior based on self connection, so they don’t know another way… To learn more about this, see: 12 Myth Busters To Empower The Neutered Yogi

Or, because they don’t want to turn their mind inside, to discover low self worth lurking within – that they don’t know how to deal with.

Low self worth prevents many talented and highly competent people from looking within to create a meaningful purpose. For these people, until they learn better, they will either find solace in phrases that justify their apathetic approach. Or, they may seek to control their external environment in unhealthy ways.

The former confuses apathy which is rooted in hopelessness… With acceptance which is a relinquishing process (of not trying to control the uncontrollable).

Acceptance resonates higher on the frequency scale of elevated consciousness.

According to the map of consciousness (which measures frequencies based on muscle testing) ranging from death to enlightenment, on a scale of calibrations from 0 – 1000, formulated by David Hawkins in his book “Power vs Force”:

  • Apathy resonates at 50. Positioned well below the baseline of falsehood.
  • Acceptance resonates at 350. Residing above the baseline of truth.

Getting clear on the difference will help you grow to the next level and flourish. It can also help you educate (and liberate) your family and friends.


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