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3 Steps To Conquer Your Doubts & Grow Your Business

Do you need to conquer your doubts to get to the Next Level?

Is growing your business more difficult and taking longer than you thought?  You’re not alone. No matter how well you plan, complexities and challenges are going to stump you.

As entrepreneurs, we face new challenges on a daily basis. Alongside freedom, it’s what attracts many of us to what we do. It’s thrilling when we put ourselves out there, add our special za-zing, and win the day. With experience, we develop an interesting kind of resilience. Change becomes more comfortable than staying the same.

Yet every once in a while we get stuck. Especially when the actions to get next level require us to stare up the barrel of a gun, unflinching… directly into our fears and doubts. Trying new things (especially if we envision a a potential botch job or ridicule), is risky, can feel confusing. No-one enjoys failure, feeling stupid or looking foolish.

As I look back on decades of owning businesses and guiding other visionaries to take confident, decisive action- common patterns emerge. The biggest obstacle I see entrepreneurs face, is conquering doubt and clearing away all the sub-conscious behaviours that travel with it. These include fear and procrastination, shiny object syndrome and creating too many distractions. See: How To Liberate Yourself From Fear & Procrastination

Drawing on my business experience, and empowerment practices, I formulated my SMART Entrepreneurs Empowerment System for exactly this reason. It gets you centered and connected fast, to stand tall and build a business you truly love.

What To Do When Your Doubt Demon Comes Calling

First, acknowledge that it’s normal to experience doubt, fear and procrastination. Just as an uncomfortable oyster will produce a luminous pearl, overcoming obstacles will beautify you, strengthen your resolve and build momentum.

Bigger problems arise when you avoid discomfort. The doubt demon slips in and takes control when you bury yourself in menial tasks and the demands of others. You know… those things you do that feel productive, but you’re really doing to avoid the vulnerability of making mistakes, looking stupid or feeling confused.

Left unchecked, the doubt demon will hijack your mind, and seize your business.

Taking Decisive Action

While you do need to put a foundation in place to achieve next level success, it’s a mistake to wait for the skills and confidence to move forward. The way to develop skills and confidence is to take decisive action and examine the results…

This way, when you want to grow to the next level, you treat everything as a test that you refine as you go.. Thus the new phrase going around; “act fast to fail fast”. The strategy here is to test everything before sinking too much time and energy into it. It’s how you’ll get through the inevitable mistakes and awkward stages as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Confidence is built through practice and experience. That’s why most experts want you to jump in the deep end and just get started, armed with the awareness you will make mistakes.

Learning to stand tall and face your fears and challenges as tests, equips you to take decisive action. Through decisive action you will develop the skills to build a business you can be proud of. 

Decisive action will transform your business and your life.

SMART Entrepreneur Empowerment System

My “SMART Entrepreneur Empowerment System” opens 3 gates to self mastery. SMART is an acronym for Self Mastery through Action, Resilience and Transformation

It’s proven to build confidence and charismatic leadership, from thousands of years of scientific research..

The main difference from other systems is: 1) You start by getting yourself centered and connected, physically.  2) It cultivates your qi energy system which is the transformational agent that harnesses your mind, activates your intuition and purifies your subconscious blocks .

Self Mastery through:
1. Action: Empower your core
2. Resilience: Inspire your community, building skills and agility
3. Transformation: Create your legacy

I hope you found this helpful. Finding a method to conquer your doubts will rocket fuel your business and personal growth. Saving you heartbreak, time and money.

To learn more about the SMART method, register for my free masterclass: 3 Gates To Self Mastery (if you haven’t already).