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Tao of the river

Make These 7 Entrepreneurial Freedoms Your First Priority

If you don’t have reliable methods to stay on point, clear and focused, any goals of entrepreneurial freedom will remain elusive.

Whether you’re

  1. A startup figuring it out,
  2. In a growth period, working through a tangle of complexity,
  3. At the leverage and scale phase where you need new models – and to fortify your infrastructure
  4. Approaching legacy phase, figuring out what’s most meaningful for you and your next phase of life.

Each phase of entrepreneurship requires new skills and mindsets… and new levels of clarity. Expanding beyond personal limitations… “going meta” with each stage,

It’s like that old saying about not being able to see the forest, for the trees.

With all the fortitude, skills and effort it takes to build a successful business, the most important measurement of business success is the aspect most overlooked in planning and day to day operations…

…And that’s your big why. WHY are you building your business?

If you stop and really dig into your big why, you will find at the root, it’s all about achieving entrepreneurial freedom. Whether freedom of self-expression, time, money, relationship, purpose, impact, legacy, or all of the above.

We want to live life and share our energy on our own terms. To be healthy, happy, productive and feel fulfilled for all our effort.

The sad truth is, if you overlook entrepreneurial freedom in your planning processes, you are likely to miss it entirely. Which is not only tragic, but all too common. See: “Are Your Sacrificing Your Health & Relationships For Business Success?”.

It’s amazing to me – when I reflect on the number of hard working, highly skilled and driven entrepreneurs that have sought my services over the years, because they’ve sacrificed their health, relationships and happiness in pursuit of business success. Definitely the majority.

Somewhere along the way, they forgot what they started their businesses for in the first place. Even their finances (which they sacrificed everything for) suffer, when their health fails or their family is fractured in divorce.

The solution is counterintuitive…

Tao of the river

Put Freedom First

Entrepreneurial freedom should be the pivotal point, or fulcrum around which your entire business strategy revolves


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It should be the centripetal force, (axis) that informs your every action.

Starting with self care, relationships and personal growth which are your highest lifetime value activities. 

If you keep it front and center, instead of spinning your wheels harder and harder to get traction, you will focus on simplifying your role as your business grows.

This way, instead of burning yourself out (and possibly everyone around you) to make even the smallest headway… you are focused on rejuvenating yourself and enjoying the journey, so you are operating at peak performance, which also makes you and your business more attractive to draw your ideal clients, vendors and team toward you.

Your family and friends will love you for it as well.

So, I hope this article helps by giving you cause to pause and evaluate your direction in life and business…

If it resonates and you want to get strategic about achieving the freedoms you deserve for all your effort…


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