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How to harness great energy

The Tao Of The Mountain… How To Harness GREAT Energy

Every entrepreneur needs a reliable way to harness their energy, and adapt to change.

Ideally we adopt rituals that keep us energized throughout the day. Sometimes taking time for cool adventures that open our hearts in new ways and build resilience.

It’s a skill to manage energy well. Directing it efficiently, not scattering it on everyone and everything that comes along. Harnessing it to be empowered, not controlled by fluctuating day to day energy levels.

That’s the thing about energy, it never stays the same. It’s always changing form and travels in waves; up and down… depleting or gathering. Scientifically, your mind directs energy and the body follows along.

Managing energy well involves strengthening your body and training your mind.

I’ve been at a crossroads lately from an event that limited my range of motion, eroding my confidence to enjoy a favorite pastime. I felt like the only way forward was to push beyond my comfort zone…

To learn from a Grandmaster, we should turn toward the mountain…

There’s something I wasn’t clear about in the video. I live in an area populated with cougars, bears, and wolves. That was the root of my “reluctance” to spend time alone in the woods without my trusted companion, Spirit.

Conquering fear wasn’t my only intention. Although it did influence my decision to be mountain bound, I also had other fish to fry.

1. I’m ready to surrender another level deeper on my own spiritual journey…

2. I’ve been longing to deepen my communication with you. Exposing more of the richness of my inner mystic and day to day personal journey.

I’m determined to find a way to do both effectively. I’ve been feeling limited (pretty much gagged) by the conventional online marketing messaging encouraged by most mentors, while transitioning my programs and presence online.

I think that’s because they are basing their recommendations on what’s tried and true, while I’m more intuitively connected with the evolution process and what’s to come.

I was also concerned about my ability to lug a fully loaded backpack up and down an ongoing series of mountain peaks at 61. I did what I could to keep weight to a minimum, including taking a lightweight bivy (basically a net) in lieu of my tent. Still, it was a daunting load to heft onto my back, let alone carry.

Although I supplied a friend with my route and return time, I decided not to burden myself by being strict about my itinerary. Go with the flow.

It turned out that decision served me well. At the third trail junction I took a wrong turn and added 5 km (3 miles) onto the first leg of an uphill journey!

Because of that, I set camp at the first site (of 3), instead of pursuing my original goal of site 2 or further. Fortunately there was one wooden platform available (out of 8) and room in the bear caches, so I didn’t need to find a spot off site.

It was baking hot at 90 degrees, so my first priority after setting camp was to jump in the lake for a swim. It was cold and breathtakingly fresh. Deep with a gentle shoreline. Perfectly suited for swimming and floating on my back with my eyes closed, going nowhere.

I thought, this spot is idyllic… why go anywhere else? I made dinner and chatted with other trekkers.

As the setting sun illuminated the sky and water, I slipped away to find a comfortable spot and watch.

I noticed that the yang energy, the power of the mountain was greatly enhanced by the yin of the lake.

The forested shoreline formed a perfect bowl to draw and harness the mountain’s power. Everything seemed to be leaning in and paying homage to that power.

I sunk into a meditative prayer seeking connection and guidance. As the sky and water lit with fire energy, it felt like an assent. A signal that the universe would comply.

I mentally marked it to observe the next day with curiosity.

The next day, I decided to keep that spot to enjoy the lake, popped the lid off my backpack and jimmied it into a daypack. I hiked up and down a series of mountaintops and lakes, returning to the lake early afternoon, fully spent. The sun was high and sizzling hot.

I walked down to the lake. My mind turned to my dog, Spirit – and I released a deep sob.

Slipped into the cool fresh lake, gasping once  when I submerged my body, and again when I rolled onto my back and the water cooled the back of my head.

I swam and floated for about 30 minutes or so, when a strong breeze swept across the water, creating ripples across the expanse of the previously mirror-like surface.

I tread water for a while and started to chill. Turning back I swam back toward the shore, but once there, decided I wasn’t ready to clamber out.

I reached down and both hands gently rested on a rock, which allowed me to float on my belly with my face comfortably raised out of the water, feet and legs fully extended behind me.

My hands gently rested on the rock, providing leverage to extend my legs and open my torso, so I wasn’t just just passively floating. My lower spine popped a few times, relieving compression from the hikes. Ahhh…

The breeze intensified and suddenly felt quite empowering as it swept up along my legs and through the length of my body, brightening and purifying what seemed like every cell within me.

I felt the power of the mountain behind the breeze as the source. My mind became immersed in white light and the light was beckoning me.

I had a choice to make and felt a twinge of reservation. Do I really want to enter? It can be a lonely path… 

That’s when I realized if I do share my journey and experiences more freely, alongside my more formal lessons and training programs… The connection would keep me grounded as I surrender further into my mystical being as well.

I started glimpsing little vignettes of the outline of the shoulders, neck and head of a female form. It was slipping in and out of focus, like the filaments we sometimes see on our eyelids when our eyes are closed in the sunlight.

As I honed in and concentrated, it became evident it was my likeness. Although I could only see from the shoulders up… I was in my power and liked what I saw.

Satisfied, I spent the rest of the afternoon in and out of the sun and water, and the evening chatting with a few families about their backcountry trekking techniques and experiences.

The rest of the trek was spent exploring.

What unfolded over those three days was everything I could have hoped for and more.

Well worth the circuitous route and worn feet, bites and scratches that I collected along the way.

Here’s my distillation of the spiritual and energetic phenomena.

The “Tao” (Way) Of The Mountain

Mountains harness great energy to support many.

Their power comes from stillness.

They are in a constant state of regeneration. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more complete or efficient energy management system.

Using the 3rd Principle Of Energy Management; “Where mind goes, energy follows, blood follows and matter forms”, I’ve taken it down to three steps.

Because it is a principle, you can use it as a template to achieve any goal.

1. Simplify: The mountain doesn’t waste any time before breaking an old form that has served its purpose back down into essential nutrients. It efficiently sorts through the dross to create something new and vibrant.

For you and I this means setting our intention. Getting clear and focused on what we want (ideally through meditation). Doing so also highlights what no longer serves – so we can let it go.

(It can also be a reminder to chew our food thoroughly and eat well. To extract nutrients and convert energy efficiently… but that’s another article.)

Pain, fear, lethargy and confusion are all signs it’s time to simplify and renew. Ignoring these signs will limit your range of motion and dim your inner light.

2. Empower: Energy must be harnessed into power. Mountains harness great reservoirs of energy which channels into billions of life forms. They even create the weather!

Empowering involves creating boundaries. Building physical energy and learning to circulate it effectively.

If we don’t harness our mind and energy, we will scatter it through low value activities or allow it to be controlled by others. See: How To Harness The Power Of Heaven & Earth For High Performance

3. Change: Everything in nature is in a constant state of change. The mountain gives of itself freely and also receives with each passing moment, day, season and year. Accepting, recycling and regenerating without sentiment.

To flourish, we need to be flexible and adaptable. Able to respond to changes. Able to hold our own and change our habits, including character traits and communication styles that don’t serve us.

When we want to grow to the next level or stay vital in times of change, we have to be willing to let go, and transcend limiting beliefs to evolve.

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