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Are You An Energy Spiker? Here’s How To Cultivate Vitality That Flows

Are You An Energy Spiker? 

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Do you wait for energy spikes to get your work done?

If so, your productivity will be fragile at best.

Instead of relentlessly  pushing yourself through brain fog and exhaustion.

Valiantly trying to ignore that your system is silently screaming for relief…

Or filling low-energy periods with mindless tasks.

Try pausing to take care of your “B.O.S” (basic operating system). It’s a better use of your time.

Today I’ll reveal the steps that today’s top influencers take to stay energy rich and vibrant. With a few simple tweaks, you too can wake up empowered with the vitality to make your impact with less effort.  You’ll quickly discover you have more ease and flow through your day and well into the evening.

It’s a logical assumption with better energy, you’ll increase productivity and generate more revenue

More than that you can:

  • See projects through to completion.
  • Take better care of your clients.
  • Take time to develop key skills.
  • Cultivate the key relationships your business needs to thrive.
  • Be more present and available for the people and activities you love.

Come to think of it… You might even dust off the guitar, pick up an old hobby or plan that overdue getaway with family and friends…

The Yin & Yang Of Energy Management

So here’s the skinny on poor energy management.

There’s a Yin / Yang aspect to it that transcends the usual modern ideals of balance (that are subjective and don’t apply to entrepreneurs).

That said, real “laws of nature” imbalances do show up… as polarities that lock each other in place. They surface from habits, uncontrolled short term desires, desperation and deprivation. Here’s a few examples:

  • If you are stressed and exhausted all day – there’s a good chance you are also wide awake, tossing and turning through the night.
  • When you are too tired to stock or prepare nourishing meals – your system will crave quick energy hits that burn you out more.
  • Although you know you need to make exercise a priority – you’re simply too exhausted by the end of the day.
  • Feeling guilty you should be working when you’re spending time with family or friends – and that you should be spending more time with them when you’re working late and on weekends. Rarely feeling present with either!

Fact is, there’s discomfort breaking any pattern. If you want to thrive, you’ve got to start somewhere. Commit to changing one pattern at a time. You’ll likely need to put a corresponding opposite… an “over-solution” in place. Also see: 3 Steps To Eliminate Energy Traps From Your Business

Develop An Energy Enrichment Ritual

Energy and vitality is fundamental to leadership. It’s actually imperative if you want the charisma to inspire your team and attract your tribe.

When possible, it’s best to develop rituals AT THE BEGINNING OF YOUR DAY. This will build your energy and activate your vitality. It provides a foundation to get clear and focused on your priorities – and avoid energy leaks that scatter or drain your energy and initiate the spikes.

With my morning practice, I find stress doesn’t settle on me all day. My energy is even and flows freely. Whereas with an afterwork practice, I notice I’m releasing little stresses and tensions that have.


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