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The GREATEST Way To Start Your Week!

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Wow, So I’m back to work after a long weekend, feeling absolutely fantastic and delighted to be here with you.

I’m bringing my A-game forward as a result of the time off, and I hope you are too.

One tough lesson I learned a long time ago (one of the hardest lessons for entrepreneurs to absorb and implement) is the importance of getting the rest and rejuvenation we need by creating clean cuts between work time and rest and rejuvenation.

Almost weekly for the past 20 years entrepreneurs have come to me sharing that they feel they’re either stressed out, overworked or overwhelmed… and one of their biggest frustrations is not feeling engaged with the kids or always having a nagging sense they are in the wrong place all the time.

Feeling absent and distracted when they’re spending time with their partner or children… And then on the other hand, feeling just as guilty when they’re working late that they are neglecting their kids and being a bad parent, etcetera.

Whether you are a parent or not, as an entrepreneur owning your own business, it’s really easy for roles to get reversed and quickly becomes a slippery slope to where the business owns us versus us owning the business.

I know how it is because I’ve been in a similar situation and vividly remember how challenging it can be to turn it around when you’re behind the eight ball.

Thing is… it’s in those rest and rejuvenation times that we get enough distance to zoom out, shift perspective and create space for our greatest ideas to rise to the surface.

Whereas through the week when we’re in our projects, with our head down that’s where we get, focused on the details and around day 3 or 4, things become more complex, more entangled… less inspired.

So I make sure I get my high impact focus work done early in the week and then on Thursday and Fridays I schedule my admin, study any programs, download tech, do my networking and any light planning, team check-ins or hiring.

Build Healthy Boundaries

Create clean cuts to get the rest and rejuvenation that you need.

It’s the best thing you can do to keep things simple.

Make sure you have at least two full days designated as uninterrupted FREE time every week.

I learned the hard way to put my health and self-connection first, after struggling with stress related insomnia, neck, shoulder and lower back pain for years. Since I did, they aren’t even on my radar and I’m at least twice as productive with less strain, more energy, ease and flow.

Here’s what I do… I have my Qi-energetics practice that I teach 3 times a week and also use daily to strengthen my brain-body connection. It’s my first priority because it keeps me engaged, focused, and keeps things simple.

Most mornings I ride my bike to work. I love to go to the gym a few times a week and I love to get out in nature and do all sorts of things that rejuvenate me and balance the energy work and coaching sessions I offer clients.

The weekends are ALL MINE. So last weekend was a long weekend and I had just a fantastic time. On Saturday I did some gardening and catching up and making my special tea out of nettles, berries, pine needles etc. that I go out and forage through the year… that I call my medicine. I did a little light cleaning and gardening and just, you know, puttered around and then, took a beautiful walk along the ocean.

Sunday I went to the gym and took a canoe ride down the river to the ocean, which was wonderful.

Monday I went out and gathered some huckleberries, which I’ll prepare to go into my tea mix, and I’ll use that throughout the year along with other items I gather in their time through the year.

Then, I went and joined some friends in a sacred drumming circle, learning and singing Lakota songs in a shared experience which was just a beautiful way to wrap up a long weekend.

Now I’m all happy to be back at work, feeling fantastic.

I’m implementing a few ideas that popped up during my down time – getting strategic and testing them out.

What Will You Do?

I hope you are prioritizing your rest and rejuvenation too… in a way that nourishes you.

If so let me know what you like to do to stay balanced / or what you are up to this coming weekend.

And if you’re finding it a challenge to break away and claim any “Me Time” then drop that in the comments below as well, or feel welcome to reach out to me for support.

What’s getting in the way of making the clean cuts you need to be fully engaged at work and fully engaged with your family, friends and personal interests?… Scroll down and let me know.

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