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If You Want Clarity And Focus… Start Here

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Today’s entrepreneur has way more demands on their time than ever before…

Because their energy is spread thin, most don’t have the clarity and focus to make their impact.

This means instead of enjoying the freedom and independence they started their businesses for, most entrepreneurs are chained to their desk, feeling more enslaved than liberated.

From an energy management perspective, we call this “reaction mode”. Starting your workday in reaction mode will scatter and drain your energy, leaving you too frazzled and depleted to take on your priority projects. 

Overtime it will decimate your productivity and self confidence. Deceptively activating subconscious patterns such as getting bogged down in distractions, projecting productivity frustrations at staff and contractors that you feel are holding you back… It also shows up when you buy equipment, platforms and programs you don’t use.

Left unchecked, it slowly but surely becomes a convoluted tangle of expense, complexity and loose ends – with too little forward momentum for all your effort.

Realizing you “can’t” focus is a necessary first step, but it can also become your identity if you don’t get proactive.

I’ve confused habit with identity in other ways, and it’s heartbreaking when I see and hear people confusing their mental agility, emotional state or skills with their identity.

These are character traits born of habit, and habits can be changed if you have the will, method and guidance.

Want clarity and focus

Here’s 3 simple steps you can take right now to quickly cut through overwhelm and get focused fast. If you use them, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can reclaim your energy, and get clear and focused on YOUR priorities… building a business that provides you with the lifestyle you want as it grows.

1. Get Centered & Connected – Physically

The first step is to center into the present moment by turning your mind within and connecting to your physical body… your core. Having a morning exercise and meditation ritual  like my Qi-Energetics classes and Wake Up Empowered program provide is a great way to train your brain to focus.

Bringing energy that’s been trapped in your brain down to your core, creates space. That space allows your brain to process information more effectively.

Meditation, done correctly circulates energy between the intellectual, cerebral domain of your brain and your brain stem, domain of your inner knowing. In the process, it lifts and clears conflicting emotions from your subconscious mind, the limbic system.

It clears your mind and expands your awareness above your tasks and regular hustle, providing you with a meta view to eliminate complications and fast track your projects. Also see: 3 Portals To Clarity

2. Get Clear: Identify Your Goals & Priorities

For clarity… once you feel centered and present, take a few minutes to meditate/ reflect on your goals and the outcomes you want to achieve. Dream big, but keep it real so they stretch you, are attainable and fill you with confidence and excitement (not anxiety).

Write them down and assign timelines and key markers. The more regularly you do this – the clearer you will be.

Next, identify your highest value priorities. These are the activities that will give you the greatest leverage in your business and your life.

For example your highest lifetime values would likely include that morning exercise and meditation ritual, eating healthy and building great relationships, because they provide you with energy for the day and personal growth.

Your highest value business activities might be raising your profile, branding and promoting your products (or services) and networking.

3. Get Focused: Make An Action Plan To Harness Your Time & Energy.

To get focused… put measures in place to protect your highest value activities by creating “no distraction” boundaries and schedule them into the beginning of your day.

If you want a simple guide – download my free workbook “7 Freedoms – Map Your Pattern Of Success”. It includes a guided visualization video. You can create your unique blueprint in about 30 – 40 minutes.

Download it now, and in just30-40 minutes you’ll have the clarity and focus to cut through overwhelm in your business.

You can train your brain just like any muscle… and it’s also true if you don’t use it you’ll lose it…

It’s easy to get distracted by looking outward, trying to figure out how to navigate the big wide world around us. If you let your self connection and “inner game” slip, reaction mode will become your habit.

Clarity and focus become casualties in that process. It’s not “you” per se- it’s your habit, and you can choose to change that habit today.

Want clarity and focus?

Download this complimentary workbook!