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3 Mindsets To Avoid For Busy Entrepreneurs

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Most business owners today have too many demands on their time to make their impact.

I decided to share the biggest mindset mistakes that I regularly see with busy entrepreneurs – that make the situation worse.

They seem to be a rite of passage, and a key factor of achieving entrepreneurial freedom or not.

If this sounds familiar- pay attention. Left unchecked they will drain your energy, enthusiasm… and business growth.


Mindset Mistake #1: Habitual Rushing

If you find you are often racing to beat the clock, not taking breaks, and even gobbling down your food, you are setting up the mental conditioning of never having “enough.

Whether it’s never having enough time, money or energy to complete your projects, or to be present and available for the people and activities you love.

Habitual rushing will create friction in your relationships, and hardwire your brain into a scarcity mindset. 

Mindset Mistake #2: Scattering Or Leaking Your Energy

This is a form of mindlessness, it happens when you are multitasking, have too many distractions or allow your time and energy to be controlled by the demands of others.

If you have any of these tendencies you will be too tired and drained to complete your impact projects.. You might start feeling a “deadening of your inner light” or “numb” inside. I call this the gray zone. Over time it erodes your enthusiasm and guts your confidence

Mindset Mistake #3: Telling Yourself & Others You’re Too Busy

If you notice that you are doing this, my advice is… DON”T! 

It’s important not to make being too busy your identity or associating it with success or self-importance. It’s counterproductive and delusional.

Equating time work with value produced or money earned is a job mentality. It’s counterproductive as an entrepreneur.

I encourage you to sit with this and re-frame your information to align more with becoming a leader everybody loves and being less overwhelmed. Stop  asking others if they are “busy” too.

I remember when the topic of busy-ness started to dominate my world…

I had taken on a big project that was super exciting while at the same time scary and overwhelming. Going in, I didn’t realize how involved it was and I needed to develop a lot of new skills.

Weirdly, it suddenly seemed as though everyone, whether I knew them or not, was asking me that question; “How are you doing… Keeping busy?”  Like that’s a good thing. I’d typically respond “Yeah.. it’s nuts!” … and then they’d want me to explain.

I could feel my  breath getting short and my energy draining whenever I did run the diatribe, and observed the conversations weren’t all that bonding because they had no value. 

So I started to reply: “I try not to think of it that way” and then I’d turn the topic to something more connecting. Within weeks, I noticed as my information changed, the energy dissipated and it seems I’m rarely asked that anymore.

3 Principles Of Brain & Energy Management

So now, this brings us to the 3rd principle of brain and energy management, Where mind goes, energy follows… If you repetitively feed your brain specific information, it accepts it as fact and the universe complies. Depending on how well you manage your mind and energy that can be your biggest asset, or a slippery slope of self sabotage.

The solution is to develop the ability to regroup, and reset your system back to zero, at will…harnessing and redirecting your mind and energy to generate higher quality information, that’s more proactive, not so self defeating.

To stand tall and build a business you’re proud of, It’s important to master the ability to manage your brain and your energy well

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