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Are You Sacrificing Your Health & Relationships For Business Success?

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Today we’re going to myth bust another out dated stereotype about business success…

It’s important because it prevents most entrepreneurs from making their impact and achieving the lifestyle freedoms they are in business for.

It’s also one of the biggest reasons they reach out for my support.

The problem today is that 4 out of 5 businesses fail in the first 5 years because the business owner has too many demands on their time.

And of the 20% that survive, another 4 out of 5 find that instead of making their impact or achieving the entrepreneurial lifestyle they originally started their business for, that they’ve backed themselves into a corner with too many tasks to make their impact. See: How To Protect Your Energy & Gate The Demands Of Others

Unless they’ve made a conscious decision to make their health and relationships their first priority, and gotten strategic to set up systems to simplify their role as their business grows, over time their productivity suffers, their relationships suffer, and then their  health suffers… 

Until only a numb, disengaged and disconnected existence,  I call the gray zone remains.


When you get caught in a gray zone…

You’ll notice everything starts blurring together, your brain isn’t operating efficiently, and you’re never quite feeling completely present.

You might start feeling a “deadening of your inner light” or “numb” inside.

Over time it erodes your enthusiasm and guts your confidence.

And it’s expensive! Resulting in lost productivity, for yourself and your team, and depending how it affecting your relationships, often results in divorce.

So, if you are caught in a gray zone, sacrificing your health and relationships for your business…  it’s really important to turn it around. See: 3 Steps To Cut Through The Gray Zone

Regroup and check back in with yourself, back to why you started your business in the first place. Putting a little energy into strengthening your inner game.

You’ll probably be amazed how ritualizing even a fraction of your time… even just 20 -30 minutes in the morning, can position you to take back hours in your day, strengthen your personal and business relationships and leverage your results.

  • Shifting you out of the gray zone, so you are more present, emotionally available and engaged.
  • Developing high performance success habits so you are healthy, focused and productive.
  • Getting strategic and putting systems in place to simplify your role as your business grows.