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Harnessing the Power & Prosperity of the Wood Dragon

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As we begin the year of the wood dragon…

I’m going to share the secret to harness its power and flow from the lens of ancient eastern practices.

The year of the wood dragon promises to be a prosperous year where our creativity and our businesses can flourish.  We can access greater power, momentum, and transformation if we have the right conditions in place to take advantage of it. 

On the other hand, if we ignore our inner game, the dragon energy can backlash, empowering our fears, frustrations, and challenges instead.

So that’s what I want to deep dive into and prevent that problem for you today. I’m going to share how to gather dragon energy so it empowers you from the inside out. And, exactly why it’s important to master the art of stress release, to be stress resilient. 

You can harness dragon energy without it backlashing on you. 

Then,  I’ll share the role of the wood element (of traditional eastern practices) to temper and integrate the energy of the fire dragon.


1st Key

The 1st key is to bring the fire energy from your heart down to your core.

If you are familiar with martial arts or Traditional Leadership Arts you may have heard the term “Dan Tien”, which means great energy field. 

We have seven main energy fields. See: How to Activate Your Energy System For High Performance

The main one is located in the lower abdomen, two inches beneath your navel and approximately two inches in (on the average framed person). 

It’s your center point of balance.

It’s also the lair of the Red Dragon.

So first key is to bring the fire energy from the heart down to the core to build the fire in your belly.

2nd key

The 2nd key is to circulate your energy and release stress on a regular basis through the day. 

Energy is power… if you don’t release stress, you’ll only empower whatever that stressor is. 

When you try to empower Physically, and don’t release stress and tension, you become more and more rigid. 

Likewise, if you don’t release emotional stress, you’ll amplify your fears and frustrations.

They become empowered. Mentally as well.

You don’t want to empower limiting beliefs or rigid preconceived ideas that are out of date or redundant about what’s good or bad or right or wrong, and our place in the world… even self-worth, right? 

Unless you have methods to release the negativity that the mind gathers and generates through daily life, any energy you build will empower negative mindsets that are counterproductive. Also see: How To Process & Transform Negative Thoughts

So you need a holistic method like my Qi-energetics sessions to release stagnant, negative and heavy energies to make room for fresh energy. 

3rd Key

The 3rd key is to balance strength and flexibility…

And so this brings us to the Wood Element of the wood dragon. 

The spring season is connected to the wood element. It’s important to note the year of the Wood Dragon only cycles around every 60 years!

So this year of the dragon will help us create new beginnings, plant new seeds, and basically allow our garden or whatever we’re working on to flourish. 

Wood comes from trees. If you think of a tree, the tree plants its roots way down to the ground. They have a lot of energy and support large ecosystems. So it needs to be firmly rooted in the ground. 

The trunk is strong and sturdy and firmly rooted. It needs to withstand the elements to be able to move with the wind. So if it’s too strong, it will break, or snap. And if it’s not strong enough, if it’s too weak, then it can’t hold itself up to the sun and will struggle to survive.

The upper part is flexible to sway with the wind and the lower base is strong and sturdy to stay firmly rooted. 

This reflects a principle of Qigong and Eastern practices for ourselves. We want the base of our body strongly rooted, nice strong legs and glutes supporting us, and supporting our spine, and then from the waist up, we should be light and loose for energy to flow and our mind be creative and light and responsive. See: How To Balance Strength & Flexibility

This balance provides structural integrity and resilience.


Now you know the secret to harness prosperity and power with Wood Dragon energy…

The first key is to bring the fire energy from your heart down to your core. 

The second key is to circulate your energy and relieve stress, recalibrating your system back to zero through the day, physically, emotionally, and mentally. 

The third key is to build and balance your strength and flexibility. 

So Visionaries! Be sure to move your body and meditate to light the fire in your belly every morning. Stoke it by taking breaks to regroup regularly through the day. And keep pushing and expanding beyond your current limitations physically, emotionally, and mentally. 

The sky is the limit! I dream of seeing all of us coming together and lifting ourselves up and as well as each other as we paint the sky a beautiful mosaic of interesting colors… Let’s come together to rock 2024 in our personal lives and business breakthroughs.

Want to be guided step by step into the power and prosperity of the Wood Dragon?

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What will you transform during the year of the Wood Dragon? Comment below. I read them all.