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Creativity & The Chaos Cycle: Stewarding Your Success

Creativity & The Chaos Cycle: Stewarding Your Success

One thing is for sure in life… to create is to thrive, and to thrive is to grow. And for humans as proud recipients of the much prized “Triune Brain” this is triply true.

While other living beings naturally fulfill their environmentally and ecologically supportive roles in life,  we humans have deep rivers of emotional turmoil and mountains of rationale to navigate. We try to thrive and find meaning within increasingly complex families, economics and social structures.

Unless you have a clear sense of direction, it’s challenging to even know HOW to claim your square and grow your center of influence, to be creative. Even if you do, learning these basics will leverage your efforts into more mindful and meaningful outcomes.

The Cycle Of Creative Chaos

Chaos is a natural bi-product of creativity on many, many levels. Think of your own creation… sex is chaotic, right? How about pregnancy, birth, your first breath, cry… all chaotic and somewhat violent. But you were a resilient and versatile tyke, determined to claim your square, nourish, flourish, grow and thrive.

Few of us go looking for chaos!  When your core energy and sense of self is strong and versatile, you are far more likely to set goals with the knowledge you can or will muster the courage to weather challenges and build capacity. It’s not a matter of right or wrong, its about learning how to manage your energy well.

So what happens? Well let’s have a closer look back at our ‘baby self’, tenaciously using all its focus, gathering energy to build its immune system and gain traction toward a strong, stable start. When baby breathes in, its belly rises, when baby exhales the energy circulates outward to little pink fingers and toes. Baby centers its energy in the core, to grow robust and evolve at an amazingly rapid rate.

Harnessing energy in this way, Baby is soon versatile, flexible and resilient… ready for the next phase: exploration and building relationship with its environment.  Each stage of growth comes with its own level of chaos, learning to walk, ride a bike, toss a ball, ask someone to dance, applying for work, travelling to a foreign culture.. Moving forward through chaos while formulating a strong sense of self builds character and enriches our lives. It’s how we grow.

Unfortunately, most people these days live in reaction mode, looking outward more for clues of how to behave, be seen and what to do in the world. Even if they are viewed as “doing all the right things”, they don’t feel fulfilled. Nor will they take risks outside their comfort zone. Over time, as stress builds, their breath shortens, muscles, tendons and neural networks start shrinking, along with their vitality.

Living in reaction mode can eventually lead to depression, isolation, chronic pain and auto-immune diseases. It dispatches and locks the energy that’s required in the organs for vital functions and self connection -> outward in the muscles and joints, creating a shell of protection in high tension mode.

Chaos Cycle: Stewarding Your Success

It’s hanging on to that shell of protection that is the problem. It distorts the mind and separates people from themselves, others and the environment. It fuels the illusion one is alone and that the world is a scary place, or hostile environment. It depletes the energy in the core, and sends the mind outward, insatiably seeking control, safety and security, instead of inward on building one’s center of influence, capacity and creativity.

Energy Management

There’s always peace and quiet at the center of a storm. The correct way is to nurture and harness energy in your core, send it outward in focused actions and experimentation as required, return to your core to gather fresh energy and process what you learned… and repeat as you build to the next step. This builds confidence, capacity, self-esteem and a hub of versatility and resilience that repels negative influences… ranging from flu’s and colds, to peer pressure and negative self talk. It builds your center of influence that you can weather storms and be peacefully creative.

Building your own circle of influence and learning how to manage your energy within the creative chaos cycle is critical if you want to take good care of yourself, or motivate a team while achieving your goals. This is especially true with team building, creating viable small businesses, and spearheading the innovations which are so necessary for our future.

While the capacity to do so is built in naturally, in modern society, we have forgotten and buried many important kinesthetic wisdoms.  Fortunately, there are three un-mutable principles of energy that govern all life. They guide us to thrive, adapt, grow and create in alignment to our true nature.

These three principles are easy to implement, because they guide you step by step to restore your vitality while they awaken something forgotten but familiar from deep within. They begin on the physical level to rewire and retrain your brain as they restore balance and versatility in body, mind and spirit.

1. The 1st Principle of Energy; “Water Up – Fire Down” begins with your breath.  Like the baby described above, deepening your breath strengthens your immune system as it helps you release stress locked in your outer shell (neck & shoulders, muscles and joints). It also give you the ability to lower your brain waves at will to center your mind and energy. It helps you to manage the unconscious, primitive parts of your brain and body.

2. The 2nd Principle of Energy; “As Physical Energy Builds, The Heart Opens, and Mind Clears”, is about purifying your energy, self-empowerment and emotional intelligence. It expands your range of motion and ability to stay centered and objective through anything. This principle brings confidence, purpose, charisma, wisdom and unconditional compassion that is mature, less sentimental or judgmental – with yourself and others. It guides you to manage the subconscious domains of your brain and emotions.

3. The 3rd Principle of Energy; “Where Mind Goes, Energy Follows, and Matter Forms” is all about creativity and mindfulness, managing your information for the betterment of yourself, your environment and supporting eco-system. Rewiring your brain to align with your goals and magnetizing its capacity to create and manifest. Building on the confidence, ethics and empowerment produced by the previous principles… It creates ingenious win/ win/ win situations and integrates all 3 layers of your brain to highly conscious, agile and capable state. It guides you to execute your ideas into widely beneficial, meaningful actions.

Start With The 1st Principle of Energy

It’s important to align your energy with the rhythm and flow of the chaos cycle…not avoiding it and not attaching to it. By deepening your breath into a relaxed state, your energy gathers and you’ll naturally want to create. Whether that’s in your private life, relationships or business the process is the same.

That’s because, building vitality in your core activates a cellular intelligence that tells your brain you can care for yourself. It shifts your mind from survival mode into thriving mode, and from reacting into creating.

When an idea lingers into desire and energizes into action, some level of chaos is sure to ensue. Usually the project involves more than you bargained for and navigating a considerable amount of cognitive dissonance. After pushing through the first layer of accomplishment, it’s important to stop to rest, bring your mind and energy back to your core and re-evaluate your next action. Simple… right?

Well, although it really is a simple process or returning – that we even start life with, it takes a period of conscious retraining to get back in the flow. Depending on the situation, especially for the bigger goals, it also often involves moving through limiting beliefs. The principles provide a map that is reliable and applicable in any situation.

So, start with the 1st principle; “Water Up – Fire Down”  to release stress and get centered, then progress through the next 2 principles to build capacity and harness your mind.

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