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Are You Losing Your Edge… Overworked & Disengaged?

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If so, you may be caught in a gray zone.

Today I’m sharing best practices to cut through the fog, so you can regroup and find a better way of achieving the impact and entrepreneurial lifestyle you are in business for.

I’m going to cover 3 common scenarios. Chances are one (or more) describes yours

  1. Having too many demands on your time to make your impact
  1. Scattering your energy chasing small, unrewarding projects
    • In this case you need to regroup, and build your center of influence to claim your square, and attract the right clients
  1. Sacrificing your health and relationships for business success
    • In this case you need to get strategic about putting systems and Standard Operating Procedures in place to simplify your role as your business grows

What all three of these situations have in common, is they are all resolved through energy management.

Instead of relentlessly pushing yourself to perform, it’s important to take time to regroup and zoom out to the bigger picture.

Taking a meta view above the daily hustle, so you can make your impact, maximize your results and keep things simple on a daily basis.


Create Balance Using The Principles Of Yin & Yang

Cultivating your “Inner game”, as well as your “Outer game”

Inner game:

  • Putting daily rituals in place to integrate your body, mind, and spirit into a harmonious state of unification, so the different aspects of yourself are working together, in one direction.
  •  Providing you with the clarity and focus you need to harness your mind and create healthy boundaries.
  •  Empowering you from the inside out, so you have the physical energy and mental agility to take wise, decisive actions.

Outer game:

  • Using the principles of productivity to make your impact with less effort.
  • Adopting proven strategies to simplify your role as your business grows.
  • Empowering you to show up fully engaged, so you have more time and energy for the projects, people and activities you love



Have any questions or insights about creating clarity from chaos and confusion? Pop them into the comments section below…