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The Five Elements – Meridians and KiGong

Experience the magic of harmonious living…

Do you want balance and harmony from the inside out?

  • Physical health and vitality?
  • To improve your relationships?
  • To focus your mind and empower your life?

Join us for a deeply experiential journey into your internal energy system, qigong and the spiritual and technical basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  You will amaze yourself as you learn to activate deeper healing and self-awareness while balancing the 5 elemental energies within your internal organs.

“The Five Elements – Meridians and Kigong” is an integrative lesson series using today’s most evolved mindfulness methods through ‘Human Energetics’ – the world’s leading step by step system to help you awaken and manifest your most mindful intentions.

These lessons will open something very special from deep within, providing you with the awareness, process and integrative tools to enjoy a life of health, happiness and peaceful creativity. 

During this six lesson workshop you will:

  • Awaken and identify deeper energies of mind, body and spirit.
  • Learn the generating cycle of the five elements as well as their psychosomatic characteristics.
  • Sense and learn how to manage the energy circulation through your 12 primary Meridians.
  • Develop an intimate relationship with your organs and clearly see how their condition and characteristics are currently shaping your life.  
  • See exactly how you need to develop your character for harmonious living.
  • Form a clear understanding, step by step system and techniques that restore balance and harmony for your unique blueprint.
  • Learn the Five Elements KiGong sequence to easily incorporate into a 10 minute daily practice

This workshop provides insights and kigong forms for the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The insights of each element and kigong form penetrate deeply into the human psyche, to heal the fundamental constructs of your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. The lesson style returns the theory and practice of the five elements to it’s originally deep level of integration and practicality.  It effectively reunites the discipline of kigong with the most essential spiritual principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The practices in the course nourish the most vital roots of the tree of human morality, and produce the spiritual fruits of generosity, perseverance, ethics, patience, and compassion.  Through the content of this course, the healing power of the five elements becomes accessible to anyone, and participants will immediately experience the benefits… physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The framework of this 5 Elements course was originally designed by Master Adam Holtey, with ongoing adaptations by Arrow to custom fit its purpose, preparing a solid foundation for ongoing Taoist training.


  • Six – 90 minute lessons
  • Workbook/manual for study, journaling and interaction
  • A comprehensive introduction to the five element philosophy, in terms you can easily understand.
  • An overview of the ‘generative and controlling cycles’ for balancing the five elements
  • Meditations and maps for an experiential understanding and “awakening” of the meridians which most directly reflect the five elemental energies.
  • Reflective meditations that connect the dots between your physical condition, your life experience, and character development.
  • Sounds, kigong forms, and meditations to balance and harmonize your energy and your life
Meet your Trainer: Arrow Gonsalves

Master Healer | Master Trainer of The Tao Healing Arts | International Bestselling Author | TEDX Conferences Presenter | Motivational Speaker | Audience Energizer 

Instructing in the Tao Healing Arts since 2003, Arrow guides busy people to develop healthy lifestyles and life/ work balance while empowering their core and raising their performance. 

Her lessons systematically incorporate Meridian Exercise, Chakra Training, Energy Healing, Brain Education and often incorporate both; Dynamic and Static forms of Movement, Sound and Meditation.

Fascinated by human behavior and the way of the universe from an early age, Arrow comes from a family with a medical and mind- body wellness emphasis.  Her Father was a Brain Specialist who was the first operator of the CAT Scan and headed the neurology departments of the University of Toronto, Sunnybrook Teaching Hospital and St Michael’s Hospital.  Her mother was a Social Worker and Horticulturist. Her maternal Grandfather was a Pharmacist in London in the days of traditional compounding.

“Over 13 years teaching these lessons I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard my students express deep gratitude along with shock they weren’t raised with this basic knowledge of self and their place in the universe in their tool kit for life.  How it changes their outlook forever, that they want to share that with their family and friends.”  


“My awakening from the workshop was mainly that I started to think in terms of energy, the different kinds of energy, relation to organs and emotion, etc., but mainly how everything can be looked at as energy. The training should be a benefit at many levels. It has obvious positive effects on vitality, and also on how I look at my relationship with people and the world in general.”
Brian Bogue MD

Retired: Medical Doctor

“Communicating with my organs has really changed the way I view health. Knowing the meridians and what element is associated with them will help me plan my yoga sequences better. I loved the whole workshop. Thank you!”
Heather Goodings RYT

Yin Yoga Instructor

“Arrow,  I’ve really enjoyed how all the information has come together.  Understanding the steps has made so much sense  and is so confirming for all the changes I’ve felt this past year.  Thank you for all these great workshops you have provided for us. The Tao practice and your great facility and workshops have helped to truly transform my life. Many blessings to you… and thank you for being a great role model.”
Sheila Watt

Freelance Marketing

“My inner body has awakened, it feels more alive. I feel more alive. Some things challenged me and I know that is a sign I should stick with them and not quit. I feel like I’ve found what was missing from my practice. I’ve felt some great releases and I feel stronger. I realized how much I’ve missed chanting. I loved it.

It’s also great that you offer it online, and with playback if you have to miss a class.”

Cody Unwin

Osteopath | Yoga Instructor

“The chanting awakened me. I never gave any appreciation to my organs before, I have abused my stomach and kidneys and as I move forward I will certainly pay more respect to my organs and give them much thanks. Great workshop!”
Isabelle Snow

Military Personnel

“My journey of awakening has just begun and I find it encouraging that many have walked this path before. We are whole, perfect and complete, just as we are. We need nothing from the outside. We are all connected.”
Stew Ludtke

“I find these trainings joyful, playful, unifying, opening, warming, calming. freeing, true and just. Like a feeling I’ve had but not known the language of or way to fully express. Peaceful, opening a door to what is one-ness, grounding, exuberant and so grand about life and living, bringing the now into focus, bringing walls of separateness down. Arrow, keep as you are. Keep reaching others and opening doors just as you are now. ”
Alison Phillips

Tall Ships Crew

“I became more aware of my body as a whole. Actually feeling the energy along the meridians

I plan on continuing with the element affirmations and exercises. I really enjoyed this process of learning to “listen to my body” and following through it’s “tellings”.”

Barbara Boney


“Holding Human Posture for 20 minutes was quite a beautiful experience for me. It gives me hope that I can develop spiritually. I really enjoyed the Kigong and meditations.

I will continue to communicate with my organs. I do plan to continue training in regular classes and kigong along with my homework, so I expect to touch on this over the years.”

Cynthia Van Order

Administrative Assisitant

“I’ve found this process fascinating. Learning and developing some understanding of my meridians and the yin and yang theory, my new understanding of body parts, their feelings and their elements.

I plan to practice the affirmations and movements and use them daily in my life.

Still high on this workshop!”

Marg Engisch

Retired Teacher

“Awakening awareness/relationship with my organs and their emotional natures; becoming more conscious of subconscious layers of self, and where that information is held.

This program already has begun to benefit my daily life in real terms. It is adding depth and context to my regular training with Arrow, giving me routines for home practice and most importantly awakening/ normalizing communication with deep aspects of self.

Lots here to work with.”

Miles Olsen

Author: Unlearn, Rewild

“I came to realize that if I allow myself to go through a difficulty, the energy will flow through a stagnation and release. It’s worth it!

I can feel my internal power awakening. The benefit in my life is awareness of focusing (breathing, thoughts, dahn-jon…). I feel I am developing a path to health, happiness, and I feel so good after class.

Who wouldn’t want more of that?”

Shea Kotilla

Interior Design

“I know have a deeper understanding of the sensations I subtly felt prior to classes – and know they are the Meridians. A deeper awareness of thoughts and emotions, feelings & an increased ability to stay centered and grounded or to regain composure. More body-mind “control” or awareness.

The practice is deepening my awareness daily & I intend to continue doing it at home & teaching it to my kids. I feel a stronger mind, less fragile & clearer! This is growing daily.

GREAT PROGRAM!! Thank you so much Arrow!”

Chelsea Holley


“I’m realizing I am in partnership with my organs and spending a little bit of time together brings that realization to the forefront. I loved learning about the meridians and their routes through my body. Understanding about the elements and their emotions and the route of the meridians. It helps me – understand me, my emotions, blocked energy and what I need to clear. Thanks Arrow.”
Fran Thorburn

“My awakening is that I have an intimate connection with my energy system and I want to honour it and be responsible for my way of being. I feel this training will benefit me in terms of health – physical, emotional and mental, and in gaining spiritual clarity. I understand better how a discipline and practice can be part of my life. The information about the 5 Elements was clear and for me the beginning of learning more. I look forward to integrating it into my Human Energetics practice.”
Vivien Adams

“My awakening is much deeper knowledge of energy flowing through my meridians. This training is a great benefit – especially to calm me down – releasing tension. The workshop was Fantastic! This knowledge should have come into my life much earlier. Extremely friendly, knowledgeable instructions and hands on experience. Thank You!”
Shari Hartman

“I became clearer about the work I need to do, or continue to do, related to my specific symptoms. Two deep seated wounds surfaced which added to my understanding. I heal through the body, I will continue and deepen the practice. Excellent experiential and exercises. Thank you for a great teaching!”
Clelia Wilson

“I’m sharing this because I’ve tried many healing services but Arrow truly gives more insight into how energy moves through every part of your body and how your awareness can help your body to heal.”
Diana Schroeder

Retired School Teacher

“Beyond expectations. Very intense experience – moving, meaningful, real. Feeling unconditional love & compassion through the structured experiences … and hope. All that I need is in my soul.
I have been practicing for over two years and continue to unravel the mental patterns, conditioned, habitual responses and physical blockages that serve my personality. I am clearer about my true desires and am mindfully setting intentions to grow my core self or soul. The application of this practice changes the way I see the world, for which I am very grateful.
It is a huge shift from my “psychological” orientation which I had cultivated through my years as a mental health professional, nurse and counselor.”
Christin Keeler

Retired Psychiatric Nurse

I spent six months working with Arrow while she had her studio Heart Drum Beat in Prince Rupert, BC. The work with her opened up places I was finally ready to look at, and the experience that unfolded was one of the most challenging, rewarding, and powerful transformations I’ve gone through as a person. The workshops were accelerated versions of the in class work. The home practice was where it really opened up for me and lent itself to my work as a weaver. By no means have I completed the process. For anyone ready to do the deep, hard work of the inner world, this practice is a grounded and profound tool and guide. I feel blessed to have encountered it and for what it offers. Thank you Arrow!
Meghann O'Brien

Professional Snow Boarder, First Nations ChilKat Weaver

“Arrow, I sincerely appreciate and value the Do-in classes and instruction you provide. Regular practice and your mentorship are continuing to develop and facilite a healthy, inner and secure sense of confidence and well-being that I am growing and carrying with me daily, both, in my inner and outer world experiences. As I continue to grow with the practice, I consistently experience more joy and peace through out my days! Wheee J Chunjikiun”
Tree Murdock

Administrative Assistant

“Arrow is a fantastic teacher. Her program and personal guidance has shown me how to find my own answers.

I am amazed at how my life and mental process has changed in such a short time. I am more aware of my ‘patterns’ and no longer let my emotions control my life.

If you are ready to find your true self she can guide you on the path.”

Sandra Coles

Clearwater BC

“I feel a stronger connection with my ability to use kindness and compassion and acceptance in all interactions. I feel this training will benefit my life in practical terms through the connection mentioned above. A reminder that recognition is the first step and now action must follow to dissolve habits and patterns. Excellent workshop Arrow – what a wonderful training system, full of insights and experiences, knowledge and tools. Nice combination of learning and practice being.”
Leanne Brown

Qigong Instructor

“My awakening through this program was allowing myself to LOVE myself…really…not ‘theoretically’ or ‘philosophically’ but emotionally and physically. That I really do know my love…that I can learn to strengthen my intuition and develop the ability to use the core energy in this life. Lovely environment – inviting and well-paced. Thank you so much!
Tasleem Mall

“I really enjoyed doing this course again. I realize I push my body, and focusing on the organs and the emotional qualities helped me feel them as living beings as it were – That are so connected with my positive/ negative emotions and behavior.

I’m moving away from “what’s wrong with” – approach – into maybe more sensitivity to my relationship with my organs and awareness of more choices in emotional responses and in my way of being with myself and others.”

Susan Roper


“Through this program, I awakened to the nature of my true emotional blockages… their depth, emotion and effects on my body… & mind. Speaking with my organs felt powerful, very awakening. I think that will be something I will always do. My organs really talked to me. Liver gave great advice & I will continue to listen to them… my organs J

This gives me the opportunity to release old patterns, emotional & mental and create an even more positive life overall. :)”

Brittany Blake


“I expected this workshop to be simple kigong classes, but am fortunate to learn about whole Chinese Medicine.

What I’ve learned and benefited: More intimate relationship with organs. More understanding and curiosity of Chinese Medicine.

I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you.”

Eriko Miya

Body Talk Practitioner

“The techniques were very interesting and made me curious to learn more. Interesting = commitment (better chance of!). The kigong movements are beautiful and peaceful. I look forward to practicing that. I am now aware of where my organs are and accept that communicating with them is a reasonable thing to do so I expect I will do that more. Appreciating that they are alive that they work with me every single instant from conception till death is a marvel that makes me want to treat them better.”
Nancy Gothard

Environmental Planner, City of Courtenay

“I found this workshop fascinating! Learning about and feeling energy. Definitely helpful and useful on so many levels:

With stress
Breathing exercises
Not giving in to all of the body’s aches and pain but feeling it and releasing them
Learned to focus rather than being out of control
Learned each organ as one unit
Thank you, Arrow.”

Jane Razkowski

“My awakening (or ah ha! Moment) is the realization that all I am is energy – the meridians, organs, etc. And they (I) am all connected. After every one of the sessions, something shifted in a positive way and my body, the vehicle of my life, returned closer in the direction of flow with my essence.

I definitely feel this training will benefit my life in real terms! The majority of it being inexplicable when attempted to translate on to paper however. I feel more alive and the transformation I have experienced in the past 6 weeks is such a milestone in my life.”

Jessica Loude

“Reminded me again to move my body differently then I usually do during my work, meaning the kigong.

I love the kigong movements to the elements.”

Alexandra Luppold

Holistic Health Trainer/Workshop Facilitator, Alexandra's Butterfly Transition

“Where thoughts go, energy follows!

Arrow, you have always said this and of course it makes sense, but it was great to really feel it.

This was a great workshop, wonderful, thank you.”

Dan Boucher