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Becoming Revolutionary Interview 

Want Step By Step Guidance To Double Your Impact With Less Effort?


Funny thing about synchronicity and flow…

Last week, I bumped into a student from a few years back, Charlene Helm.

Charlene’s a dynamo and she’s been busy, doing great things to support other entrepreneurs. The spin off is rippling out to benefit many people around the world.

She told me a little about it and invited me to speak with her group “Becoming Revolutionary”.

When she heard I was Introducing my new program Wake Up Empowered this week, she extended me with the honor of shifting her line up, to fit me in yesterday morning.

I got to meet her brilliant partner, Noelle. Fair to say we had a blast! 

And it was so synchronistic.. You see, Charlene was one of many who informed the conception of this program a few years back.

That’s why I’ve said it’s by popular demand.

The cool thing is, flow isn’t as random as you might think. It’s actually a science. 

If you are tired of wearing yourself down, and want to get more intentional about having less strain, more flow in your life and your business…


Check out my new program, Wake Up Empowered – Double Your Impact With Less Effort

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