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The Tao Of Cultivating Clarity From Chaos & Confusion

Want a reliable method to cultivate clarity in times of chaos and confusion?

One of the main challenges entrepreneurs face is staying clear and focused when they are in a growth phase.

New students often tell me their inability to stay clear and focused is their biggest barrier to achieving business success, and many share that it’s become a great sense of shame

I always find that unfortunate, because I know that chaos and confusion is a natural aspect of growth and change. 

So, If this describes you, read on, because we are going to do an important reframe…


The Challenge

Embarking on a path of growth and change should be a source of pride, not embarrassment and lower self esteem. 

The problem is that entering new territory and developing new skills can be disorienting and confusing… It takes time to get your bearings,  

and during those times it is natural to experience a loss of control. The irrational part is that there can be some embarrassment, of feeling or looking foolish. 

Especially if you see more experienced professionals around you moving with ease. And that’s where things tend to get more complicated and become barriers or self limiting beliefs.

In those times, you may feel like what you need is more confidence before you move forward.  

So it’s helpful to know a bit of brain education and that there are three scenarios at work here to help you move forward

Cognitive Dissonance

First, its important to know the basics about cognitive dissonance.

You’ve learned the basics about the neural networks in your brain. That there’s a network of neural connections in your brain that transmit information to each other. We call them neural pathways.

When you ask your brain to process or do something new, there can be a dissonance or blank space, that feels kind of disorienting, or maybe gray and fuzzy because you’re asking your brain to do something new, and the pathways haven’t been developed yet.

So it can be really confusing. And in that confusion is a loss of control. And through that loss of control, we can panic and kind of clamber to find something to grab on to. I see this sometimes with people who are nervous about learning to meditate.

 Whereas what you really need to do is just relax, get centered, stay with it and allow your brain time to do its job, which is to figure out how to get you where you want to go.

It doesn’t take too long, but it can feel disorienting, patiently relaxing into the gap of consciousness.

As your brain started searching to create these new neural networks, they inevitably form. So, it’s important to let go and not fight that, to just let your brain do its work and inevitably you’ll see simple solutions and clarity emerge.

Courage Before Confidence

If you are trying to gather your confidence before moving forward, the truth is that confidence comes from experience.

First you develop the related skills, and confidence follows.

What you really need to do is get self connected, and plan simple action steps to develop your skills, to gain experience.

This will allow you to progress through any unrealistic performance expectations you may be imposing on yourself.

 Instead, you gather your courage to move forward, take action and develop your skills, one step at a time. Then you see your results and adapt. You gather again, and you go again. Adapting as you go.

That’s where allowing yourself room to be vulnerable becomes a great strength. 

Build Physical Vitality

The best methods to get clear and courageous include building your physical vitality.

Think about it. Are you more likely to take risks and try new things when you are strong physically?

See: If You Want Clarity & Focus… Start Here!

Even better with integrative methods like my Human Energetics practices, and Smart Entrepreneur Empowerment Systems, which are designed for exactly this purpose.

Ok, let’s recap:

if you want to cultivate clarity and confidence during times of chaos and confusion, The key is to become adept at staying centered to clear any cognitive dissonance and to focus instead on gathering your courage to take brave action.

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