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The Five Elements – Meridians and QiGong

Yes! I want to experience the magic of harmonious living…

In Studio

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7 – 8:45 pm, Mondays September 17 – October 22

The House of Now, 536 Fifth St. Courtenay

During this six week series you will:

  • Awaken and identify deeper energies of mind, body and spirit.
  • Learn the generating cycle of the five elements as well as their psychosomatic characteristics.
  • Sense and learn how to manage the energy circulation through your 12 primary Meridians.
  • Develop an intimate relationship with your organs and clearly see how their condition and characteristics are currently shaping your life.
  • See exactly how you need to develop your character for harmonious living.
  • Form a clear understanding, step by step system and techniques that restore balance and harmony for your unique blueprint.
  • Learn the Five Elements KiGong sequence to easily incorporate into a 10 minute daily practice


  • Six 90 minute lessons
  • Workbook/manual for study, journaling and interaction
  • A comprehensive introduction to the five element philosophy, in terms you can easily understand.
  • An overview of the generative and controlling cycles for balancing the five elements
  • Meditations and maps for an experiential understanding and “awakening” of the meridians which most directly reflect the five elemental energies.
  • Reflective meditations that connect the dots between your physical condition, your life experience, and character development.
  • Sounds, kigong farms, and meditations to balance and harmonize your energy and your life
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Bring a friend and come together in community. Concerned you may need to miss sessions due to family commitments, work or travel? Let us know and Video access will be provided.

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Video recordings will also be available on our Membership site. This means you can join us from anywhere, in the comfort of your own home and schedule. *Workbooks are downloadable for print. Questions?  Contact Arrow:


Save Your Spot Today!

Yes! I want to experience the magic of harmonious living…

Six Lesson Series
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“My awakening from the workshop was mainly that I started to think in terms of energy, the different kinds of energy, relation to organs and emotion, etc., but mainly how everything can be looked at as energy.  The training should be a benefit at many levels. It has obvious positive effects on vitality, and also on how I look at my relationship with people and the world in general.”

Brian Bogue MD

Retired: Medical Doctor

“Arrow,  I’ve really enjoyed how all the information has come together.  Understanding the steps has made so much sense  and is so confirming for all the changes I’ve felt this past year.  Thank you for all these great workshops you have provided for us. The Yoga practice and your great facility and workshops have helped to truly transform my life. Many blessings to you… and thank you for being a great role model.” “The wood element really spoke to me. I felt a deep sense of peace and confirmation towards my path of healing.  Bringing me hope that my suffering shall pass and in turn, I will help others.  I think the awareness of all of these elements are the gentle reminders for me of how I want to be living.  It feels like something I already know in my soul, so the awakening and applying this to my daily life is the healing.”

Sheila Watt

Freelance Marketing