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Applied Energetic's

Experience the magic of harmonious living...

Now you've awakened your soul, are you ready to bloom?

Your brain and body are your instruments.  Through them you can grow your soul and consciousness with mindfulness, purposeful action, and by building harmonious relationships.

When the ki-energy flows clearly and freely through brain and body, your physical, emotional, and mental health becomes strong, stable, and balanced.  This manifests as a healthy, happy and peaceful living experience, and the ability to achieve personal goals.

As your mind becomes crystal clear and your ki-energy system builds, the people, creativity and situations that help your deepest desires come true will naturally gather to your magnetic field.

Holistic health is the result of the balance and harmonization of body, mind and spirit.   It is achieved by the circulation and systematic development of the ki-energy system. Simply put, whole health can be defined as having the physical, emotional and spiritual condition required to achieve one's higher goals.

Leadership Training:

With increased awareness, personal empowerment and social skills, you will notice a leadership role evolving, whether in family, community or the workplace.  Further, through connection to self, it becomes apparent that humanity's well being is inextricably connected with the well being of the earth.  Currently, humanity's general state of separation from self is reflected in the over-all health of society and ripples outward to affect all living beings.

As an awakened role model with leadership qualities, you will have cultivated the awareness and skills to inspire others to self empower for common purpose, creating win/win/win solutions in the most challenging situations.

*Available to graduates of Awakening True Self Workshop


Level 1:  Basic Training

During this segment you will become strong and balanced physically, emotionally and spiritually.  

In addition to formal study and training of techniques and anatomy, you will learn to move and empower the ki-energy and clear your mind of distraction to effectively meditate for sometimes lengthy intervals, free of pain and discomfort.

Unconditional compassion, keen and objective powers of observation -uncluttered by sentimentality will also unfold, along with the discipline and clarity to sustain focused presence.

Self Development:

  • Physical flexibility and empowerment
  • Cultivation of the ki-energy system
  • Mental and spiritual preparation

Classroom, workbook study and "hands on training":

  • Basic anatomy, skeletal & muscle structure, digestive system, 5 elements (organ function and energetic interrelationships), meridians, introduction to yin yang principals of healing.
  • Exploration of root causes and remedial techniques for common ailments.
  • Basic hwal gong massage, acupressure and energy healing techniques
  • Symptom appropriate life style changes and specific exercises.


  • Eight all day workshops
  • Manual
  • Support training

*Available to Human Energetic's practitioners, after attending the 'Awakening True Self' Workshop. 

Next Session: Starts April 2017

Level 2:  Meridians

During this segment you will learn the paths, characteristics and specific methods to restore and facilitate energy flow through the 12 major meridians:

Self Development:

  • Heightened sensitivity to the energy flow through the 12 major meridians and 2 main energy channels
  • The ability to accurately read and release blockages
  • Balancing/harmonizing the 'Five Elements'
  • Heightened focus and patience and expanded awareness
  • Empowerment

Classroom, workbook study and "hands on training":

  • Study of Meridians
  • Generating & Controlling Cycles
  • Meridian Exercise
  • Kigong Sequences
  • Yeon Dahn postures
  • Acupressure Techniques
  • Moxibustion


  • Seven all day workshops
  • Manual
  • Support training

*Available to Graduates of Level 1: Basic Training & Human Energetic's 

Meridians: Jan 2018

Level 3:  Advanced

At this level you will further empower and hone your skills to move energy proficiently, unlimited or biased or constricted by personal limitation.  The universal energies will be at your command.

During the training you will:

  • Build mastery in the technical knowledge of the principals of balancing and harmonizing the physical, energetic, and spiritual anatomy and related topics and techniques from the Level 1 and 2 curriculum.
  • Strengthen "hands on" skill and confidence.
  • Forge a deeper spiritual connection to universal energy, creative healing source, and personal intuition.


Advanced: Nov 2017


Hi Arrow, My awakening through this training has been immense. I feel as though I have accessed my inner true self in a very powerful way. Something ignited in me from the first day of the training and it was a voice in me that said " be the change" it got me up at 5 am in the morning when I never could have imagined that in the past.

So I would say I have gained a clarity of my inner true self, my voice and resilience.  I developed physically from doing 103 bows and working through limitations. I also developed energetically, emotionally and spiritually from the training and learning the Chun Bu Kyun - feeling the vibration plus studying the meaning.

The workshop learning and format was great. I enjoyed the variety of learning experiences and sharing with the group with everything like the hands on healer training as well as the overall experience and sharing in the changes for all. All very inspirational.

I enjoy your teaching style and how you present the material in a very clear and timely way.  Thank you for sharing this amazing teaching with us and for your incredible commitment to it. You are a great teacher and role model.

Love and blessings.

Sheila Watt

Freelance Marketing

I'm creating and finding space in my life and body through continuing with the practice. By growing in the practice, I am able to grow my soul and make space for achieving my goals in a peaceful, joyful and harmonious way. 

Physically, I have been able to pinpoint my blockages and explore the root and work on releasing and letting go in my body.  Energetically/emotionally, I feel more joyful and have approached some familiar challenges with a more vibrant and whole approach rather than a fear based and anxious approach. I am able to watch myself and make micro adjustments and let go of some of my trauma/drama enactments.  Spiritually, I feel more connected to my soul and I feel like I am vibrating and connecting with the cosmic energy in an open and clear way. I feel like by brightening inside, things are brightening around me and in the universe.

I enjoyed all of our workshops, I liked all of the hands on work that we did and am looking forward to continuing to practice and refine my new skills.

Tree Murdock

Project Controller